Anyone kno if maxsisun 4000 is a good light

MAXSISUN 400W Grow Light, Remote Control Dimmable PB 4000 Pro LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, Full Spectrum High-Performance Samsung Diodes & Mean Well Driver for a 4x4 Grow Tent Veg and Flowering in need of new light but money is kinda tight I was looking at the spider sf4000 cause I love how my sf1000 works but 560$ is lot of cash for a light but the maxsisun don’t have the same diodes an I thinks outs off more heat

Check the umol / J - if not at least 2.7 - check out below…
MAGLONG M2000 grow light consuming only 220W true input, max output 2.5g/W. MAGLONG developed the most efficient and safe quantum grow light, using SAMSUNG chip with 2.7 umol / J, energy saving and brighter. MEANWELL drives are safer and last longer, the high-strength aluminum alloy heating plate can maintain a low working temperature and is not easily deformed. High-quality products bring the highest cost performance.

Would either of you know where I can find (the spokes person or rep for Maxsisun. I believe that’s his name on here I was talking to him about a light now I can’t find him. Really want to talk to him about my Maxsisun MG3000. Did a search and came up with nothing. It really should be in my past post but it isn’t.

Steelhrt72. That is the link I’m looking for. There’s a guy on here that had many go dead in the middle of flowering, he was pissed. Not sure of the two models he had Major issue; dying after 2weeks. The promoter of these lights is call Maxsisun. Funny thing is after Maxsisun decides with the person I haven’t head a word and it’s not in my past read threads; it’s like it and Maxsisun had disappeared. I bought the MG 3000 with no issues yet only had it about a month. Just be careful.

Are you specifically looking for @Steelhrt72 If you are I just tagged them.

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If you want to search @Steelhrt72 activities on site just press on their name you will see a box pop up, once that pops up, press on their name next to avatar. You will then get a page that gives you their bio, go to where it says summary and press. You will then get a drop box, choose activity. It will list in order all activities on site.

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Steelhrt72 hasn’t been around for months, but you can certainly search on the posts in the threads.

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Ok found out He’s from another site. Since early november I have been through 3 maxisun lights.
One of the lasted a month the others lasted about 2 weeks each.
I went through 1 pb2000 pro and 2 mf2000’s.
The amount of trouble this has caused me and my grow is significant.
I have had to ship back 2 lights and now have to ship this third one back all while having to scramble to find something to put over my plants until my FOURTH light I’ve had to order in just over 2 months arrives. Still haven’t been refunded for the others.
The last one died this morning and now I have no light for half of my room of plants which are in week 5 of flower.
I had to order another brand and won’t recieve for another week.
I have to wait a few weeks after return for refund as well so everyone of these lights that have died I have had to shell out more money to replace them which has put me in a difficult place financially.
If you have some advice as to why this is happening or if there’s anything I can do to troubleshoot the light that just died?
The other well known brand of light in the room has worked normal the whole grow so I’m at a loss.
First mf 2000 lasted a month.
It’s replacement lass than 2 weeks.
Tried the pb 2000 pro instead as the others were sold out and it lasted like 9 days.
All of them eventually just wouldn’t turn on. Drivers are warm so there is electricity flowing through th. There you go, hope this helps.

This is one of the main reasons people here will recommend that people avoid buying cheaper lights. It seems like good deal until problems like this arise. I’ve seen where people believe that somehow, someone here is making something off trying to convince people to invest in HLG lights or a few other high end lighting. Many times you will get what you pay for and when you buy from a known, established company like HLG, you will also get the best customer service. Hopefully you are able to get your issue resolved. If you are ever in the position to purchase better lights, please don’t hesitate to ask questions and for recommendations from people here. You won’t be steered wrong. :+1:


Sorry the Maxsisun guy did get back to him and told him to send all the light issues and he will take care of it. I don’t know what happened though.

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Bulldognuts, It wasn’t me. Someone was asking about them and I just shared it.

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