Anyone experienced this?

So almost 2 months ago i planted this. Growth stunted at four days and leaves started browning. Finally after a month it starts growing like crazy, but now it’s extremely short and bushy as hell for its relative size. My last one (same strain and batch) didn’t grow this way, but then growth wasn’t stunted at the beginning of the last one…
Just wondering if any has experienced this, and more importantly if this will affect the yield?


Reduce lighting intensity to encourage her to stretch out.


I will assume this is a photo and not an auto…

I have not experienced that long of a stunted spell, but I have certainly grown my fair share of shrubs.

Pretty much every plant I have grown has ended up about 3 1/2 to 4 feet tall. Something I guess I do stunts them, or I’ve just had weird luck.
Will this affect yield? Perhaps. She could just take off and be 6 ft tall, but you might end up with a much smaller plant too… no real way to know, but she looks very happy and healthy now.

Smaller plants can be an absolute pleasure to grow too. So much easier to deal with in some ways.

Here is what you might expect… these were all photos…


This is just an example of how nice the shrub like plants can turn out. Not to say that this is absolutely what will happen with yours though…
They all so different, yours cou still be a monster


I’ll give it a try! Did the hand trick to check temp. These lights so far are great! Within 4” heat is negligible… however im closer to 16” right now, but still establishing the baseline for this new rig. Not sure how low to go.knocked it back to 55% I’ll let it stand for a couple days and see what’s up!

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That’s correct. I purposely buy compact to medium size strains mostly because of room limitations. So not really looking for a 6’er but 3’ or so is perfect! At least for now :joy:


@Mr_Wormwood did you do anything special to get the bud colors to change?

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Not at all. You’d think I poured purple kool aid on their pots, but that was just good old luck.

We keep apartment pretty cold, but I think it was dumb luck… they were not even the same strain


I myself do like growing them flat and bushy. I am intentionally training them that way with supercropping and good old fashioned LST.


@MidwestGuy ,so im actually seeing a change over night! (lights off for hottest part of the day) It’s exciting to finally have some good lights! And they dim! Before I had to play with heights and how open the tent was. It become incrementally harder as it got into flower to control temp because keeping the smell down is still a thing in this neck of the woods.
So essentially I’m seeing that it is thriving right now at 55%. It was loving 80% also but wasn’t growing taller just bushier. I can see an interesting, yet achievable balance to be had here! Kind of excited lol! Thanks brother!

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Those look beautiful. Photoperiods are all i am growing with also… i might try an auto somewhere down the road. Just for kicks and giggles but i believe in a long veg period for the health and robustness and strength and potent flower in the end…


This is what i am doing to my next grow for sure. I just have to force myself to destroy the main stalk for bit…lol whew… i can feel my heart racing just thinking about it…


@VirginiaGrowBoy ,
Work of art dude! I have to say, I’m struggling with if or when to top this thing. I didn’t last time and had a pretty good harvest.
It is really pushing out branches already without topping. Because of what it’s already gone through I’m reluctant to do something that might to stunt it again. What are your thoughts?
So when you top it does it stop growing while it recovers? And do you take only the newest complete new growth above the top node? This is my second grow, but im a quick study lol!
But i also realize that all of our unique setups and growing circumstances preclude use from being able to copy each others results. But knowledge is power.

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Only top it if it is a photoperiod… not an auto.

Will write more after dinner


I learned to crawl first (lst), then walk (topping) then run (supercropping / topping / lst)

It took till my 4th grow to feel like I “mastered” them. Cannabis is a really forgiving plant when it comes to trimming it while it’s growing.
… good luck on your own journey