Anyone ever try non-24 hour based light cycle?

Anyone ever try this? ex. 26 hour light 4 hour dark. I wonder if this would make for faster growing plants because the plant would have more light but also give it some dark period to do its thing.

I don’t have an opinion, but I’m curious about the answer, now that I’ve seen the question…


hmm maybe i will try this out, havent found any info and am curious to see if the plant responds differently. only problem is, how to do this without manually turning the light on and off

I veg all my plants 24/7 light. Some people feel a plant needs darkness but it actually does not. Photosynthesis and respiration can occur simultaneously. Respiration just happens at a slower rate so later when u flip to 12/12 it respirates at a higher rate and if u drill your plants higher respiration is better. Good luck with however you choose to go.

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If you just want to cut your veg time way down, I would just switch to coco coir in cloth pots. Very fast growth!

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