Anyone ever swap parts on a 3 part mix, Turned into my grow log Please dont try this at home"

Went looking for a 6 gal jug of Flora Bloom at the returned package store and found a 5 gal of Botanicare kindbloom for $17 and will be using that with the flora micro and grow.
Have add-in’s coming from all manufactures but never swapped a base nute.


So this will turn into a grow journal on if it fails, works out the same or does better. I think the botanicare kind bloom is better quality than the General Hydroponics
First pic, had to cut it down

10 day latter with the Botanicare/GH, coming out just the way I planned.

When it goes into the flower tent it will be under QB’s and better to see.


I’ll follow along here. I’ve been thinking of trying some new nutes that are a little cheaper. So far things are looking good I’d say!

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You want to be very cautious mixing different nutrient lines. If you take a moment to think about it these companies blend their products to be used with their products. You will run into PH buffering issues and possible salts precipitating out of solution making them unavailable to the plants.


Been getting the 5/6 gal jugs of nutes for $5-$25, if I’m able to find a Florabloom I’ll buy it. If I find the other parts of the Kind trio I’d rather buy that brand.


32 days later, Got a small iron/calmag deficiency in the switch to the flower lighting, 10ml into res fixed it in 12 hours.

Then the flower tent with the florabloom

Think I have both tent synchronized for every 5 weeks now
4-5 weeks more for the two bigger plants and 8-9 weeks on the small plant

This in my General Hydroponics/ Botanicare mix nute grow I started @Onelow51
Its what I have growing now

@freakyz this is when I prune/take everything off the bottom. It’s about 2 weeks after 12/12 flip

I had to stunt it and cut it down, this was 40 days ago. See they wont die if you cut them right

Flower tent defoliate or not, doesn’t look like it helped

They look the same now

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And the new burnt DP seedling and the last 2 of the ILGM MKU


Very nice

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45 days later almost two weeks into flower

Growing well with the Kindbloom, no PH problems
Other flower tent with defoliate and not

Durban and clones doing well too

Todays find was $25 not $125

And my new mushroom/not magic experiment

I probably have to grow some magic for the guys at work

@bj262003 This is where I post pics, you can ask questions here, post pics I don’t care.
I mix nutes check PPM then PH and maybe check PH 1 time later that week. You can see how healthy they are and it’s EZ. Their under an amazon light turned 1/2 on for about 5 weeks then moved into flowering tent right to 12/12. I’m thinking about vegging theses two" Last 2 MKU" for about two weeks in flower tent and go out with a bang.
What nutes will you be using?

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Nice! Those girls are beautiful! I haven’t purchased any nutes yet.

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Where did the whole top of the plant go???


Yes,Where did it go

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It was an extra clone I needed a month before there was room in a flower tent for it. @southbound

Looks ok now. It is the same age as theses two.

They have 2 weeks left and the one that was chopped about 7 now
Good old ILGM MKU

2 days bigger

Two days older

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Got bored and FIMed my DP sooner than I probably would have without a covid lockdown.

Nute mix working as planed, I like going back to my roots and mixing whatever you can find by how the plant looks.
New air pump I didn’t need, just trying to give the local hydro store love$$$.

Day after FIM and plant spurts, I would never top a plant unless I wanted to stunt it.