Nitrogen toxicity after feeding nutes

Hi all,

Things were looking great until after my last watering with nutes. Gave 1/4 strength using General Hydroponics - Flora Micro 5-0-1, Flora Bloom 0-5-4 and Flora Gro 2-1-6

Let’s get this out of the way:

Strain: Seed from son in law’s last grow, not sure of genetics.

Soil: Ocean Forest in cloth pots

System type: 4x4x80 Grow tent in soil

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 6.5 going in and 6.0 coming out

What is strength of nutrient mix: 1/4 strength

Using General Hydroponics - Flora Micro 5-0-1, Flora Bloom 0-5-4 and Flora Gro 2-1-6


Light system: During veg - iPower 600w MH Optimized Veg Growth
During flower - iPower 600w Super HPS with flowering red spectrum.

Also the light is on a ballast at full 100% strength. Ballast has 50 and 75% settings.

Temps: Day - 70’s Night as cool as 65°

Humidity: Day - 40’s Night - 50 - 60’s

Ventilation system: Yes, Size - matched for size of tent (son in law’s set up)

AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier: NA

Co2: NA

Pics say a lot:


How many milliliters of each did you use to a gallon of water and what was your PPM?
Ppm going in and coming out?
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How old are they? How long ago did you transplant? @Cliffs

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@Cliffs, have there been any flushes and when?


If you have 6.0 coming out the bottom, then it’s highly likely the PH at your root zone is lower than 6.0.

You have to think your 6.5 water going into the top has to average in with your soils Ph to give you a run off reading if 6.0.

Your root zone PH was probably around 5.7 or so…

Answers to all questions:

How many milliliters of each did you use to a gallon of water and what was your PPM?
Ppm going in and coming out?

I used 1/4 strength which equates to 2.5mL or 1.2 tsp.

pH going in is 6.5 and initial coming out is 6.0

Don’t have a PPM meter.

How old are they? How long ago did you transplant?

8 weeks old, went to flower stage on the 1st of Nov.

Only one transplant on 17 Oct. 2017

have there been any flushes and when?

22 Nov. 2017 gave a full 3x flush with pH 6.5 water until outage was clear water.

and I understand about the pH, should I raise it when I water?


Me personally, I would water with a higher PH until my run off read 6.8 or so. I’m not talking about flushing either, just daily watering. I will water with PH at about 7.3-7.4 and collect a small of run off every watering to see where I’m at. Once I get too about 6.8 I’ll return to normal watering…

This is just one route, where you can slowly adjust it with each watering, a flush like @Myfriendis410 said will do you up right also


I flushed 5 days ago.

Flushing doesn’t harm anything and/or shock the plant?

Confused on the daily watering part. Should I be watering daily until I get runoff?

That seems like the wrong thing as the plants are still heavy after a full drainage just a couple of days ago.

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You should only water when the soil has dried out. This provides an opportunity for the roots to breath and hunt for water. I’m guessing nutrient issues around overwatering. Leaf cupping looked suspiciously like that’s what it was.

This is a common problem and your plant is in pretty good shape over all.

You might get on a regular watering schedule (3 to 5 days) before messing with the ph in yet.


Sorry, should have said normal watering instead of daily watering. @Cliffs


I understood your meaning. Had to look back at it to see! Haha.

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So stick with 3-5 day (which I have been doing, definitely waiting for drying out) and 1/4 nutes?

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Experimented with 1 plant, yesterday

I kicked pH up to 7 - 7.5 in and flushed with 3 gal of high pH water.

Plant looks like it may be a bit better, have to wait until later today

Also raised the light to 24 inches instead of 18


The above plant looks okay but now another one has done this overnight.


deficiencies 3

I am totally confused.

Plants were looking good and I did a 3 day dry out then water with 7.0 pH water with 1/2 tsp of Flora Micro, Gro and Bloom.

The formula for nutes is 1 tsp Gro, 2 tsp of Micro and 3 tsp of Bloom. I gave them 1/2 of each.

All of my plants have claw leaves after a day and a half.

Everything I can find says nitrogen toxicity.

Can’t be over watering a they needed water.

The numbers on the bottle represent NPK.

Micro is 5-0-1, Gro is 2-1-6 and Bloom 0-5-4

How am I getting high nitrogen levels if I am using 1/2 strength?

Should I stop giving the Micro since that has the highest level of nitrogen


Am I not giving them enough nitrogen?

I should go full strength?

2.5ml is equal to 1/2 tsp. I see it looks like you adjusted later in thread, just wanted to make sure.

What are you using for water?

Here is the correct topic to reply to



How old are your plants? When were they transplanted into that soil/ pots?

What are you measuring pH with? Have you calibrated?


FFOF is a very nutrient rich soil and the feeding probably burned the plants.

Do you have a TDS Meter?


Raise water in a few points to like 6.9 and see what ph is of runn off may even need to go to a 7ph
6 is low for ffof soil