Robmin1973 grow journal emerald harvest and botnicare nutes

Alright alright!!

Welcome to my new grow journal.

I am relatively new to growing. This grow will be me following my friends direction from clone to harvest. My friend has been growing for over 20 years and has great yields.

Here is what I am working with:

Veg tent 2x4 with 6in exhaust fan, agrobrite 4ft 6 tube t5 and some clip on fans.

Bloom tent 4x4 with 6in intake and exhaust fans, carbon filter, one circular fan, box fan, four quantum boards at 3k spectrum.

I’ll be growing in coco loco using the following nutes from emerald harvest and botnicare.

Emerald harvest
Cali pro a+b grow
Cali pro a+b bloom
Emerald goddess
Sturdy stalk
Root wizard
King kola
Homey chime

Liquid karma
Pure blend pro


I’ll be growing the clones in solo cups then move to 2 gallon grow bags. In my last grows, I have had problems with hermies, mites and heat stress. I’m hoping for a full run with no major issues.

Enjoy the ride.


Sounds like a good plan
And a nice set up @Robmin1973
Woohoo start of something good


@dbrn32. Always appreciate your advice please tag along

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If you start a new topic tag me and I’ll switch to watching

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Forgot one more additive:

Bush doctor bembe

Transferred my clones to final 2 gallon bags

Today veg plant feeding
2ml calmg
2ml Cali pro grow a+b

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7/26 feeding
Restore with water

@dbrn32 how are you sir? Been out of work so that has taken over for now. My new round of clones are doing well. Im about two weeks into veg. I put sand on the top of the coco to avoid knats laying eggs, saw some fly around. This might be stupid question. When i water the plants the sand is mixing with the dirt, do i need to keep covering the top with fresh sand on top all the time, im thinking yes???

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here a pic

Vigilante its called. Not sure of the history.

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One thing i am doing different with this grow is paying attn to the ppm build up in my run off and ph of runoff. In the beginning of this grow , i wasnt watering to get runoff. I would just pour enough water for the plant. When adding the next feeding ppm was over 1500, did a feeding flush down to 400 and the plants are tsking off. Also took plants out of bags and put into 3 gallon smart pots for better airation. Bags nice but airation is not great. Ill be more active on this journal.

Ya the layer of sand has to be there to work.

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Ok team. After a bunch of delays in veg mostly do to me messing with the plants. I have q full screen. I’m in the 3rd week of flower and excited to see what this strain looks like.

Now what im even more excited about is the contact I made with a grower that is supplying me with clones now. I’m currently vegging Hawaiian gold, super lemon haze, white walker and headband. I made some scrog screens for the pots. They will be in veg for another 6 wks.


@dbrn32. Hello sir, how are you? Things great for me. I went to the Boston freedom festival looking for clones. Found a guy and purchased the above strains. Guy has 31 strains and sells them cheap. He has a big grow for med patients. Each of the strains have diff flower times.

Regarding my grow, one thing I’m trying since I’m in smart pots is bottom feeding which is working really well. Pots soak up the feed perfect.

Do you use bloom enhancers? I wanted to try one but am nervous about over doing it. What weeks of flower do i do it in? Im coming to the end of week three of flower.

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That’s awesome! When I started growing it was with intention of running flood tables, I just never did it.

I never really looked at my nutrients as when o was going to add which bottle. I prefer an approach that allows me to tweak my npk levels to what I feel is proper to the plants at time I’m applying. Since there are probably several different products within every line that can do that. What are you using for base nutes?

I’m using emerald harvest a+b, i have the full line. I also have a botanicare line I’m going to finish with.

The list of nutes are above.

I’m not super familiar with either. If you’re switching to botanicare the liquid karma is a great product to have around though. What do they offer for bloom boosts?

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Canna pk is being recommended by my friend. I’ll also be using the king kola from emerald harvest.