Anyone else ever used General hydroponics “flora kleen”

A while back I had an odd lockout and already being a GHE subscriber I learned about flora kleen. I was pretty skeptic at first and thought it was just another gimmick to get you to buy that extra $20 bottle of nutrients. It’s supposed to get rid of salt buildup and clean the roots to allow the fresh nutrients to bond better after cleaning the reservoir and adding fresh water with just the product. Historically if I’ve had an issue that is nutrient related I will flush first for a day and then re-add nutrients. I started to notice a phosphorus deficiency in a pair of plants so this was my time. I cleaned the res, added oh correct clean water and ran it for a half hour. The water was still clear. I then added 1.5 tablespoons per gallon mixed and ran it for another half hour and was in shock when I came back and the water was a very deep dark red, which although much darker is the color you end up with when mixing GHE flora nutrients.
I cleaned the res again and added fresh nutrients and went out for dinner. When I came home to have a look the leaves were already reaching for the sky. This is week 4ish of flower and I generally clean my res every 7-10 days based upon what the plants tell me.
It’ll be a while before I can give a full report but wanted to start while it was fresh. One direction or the other I’m certain it’ll be a game changer. Hopefully not the wrong type.


I like using it just to clean the system, after I flush the res’s are clean and ready for a new plant.

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I will have to look into this… I have a big bottle of this , but haven’t used it…
Haven’t felt the need…
Like you said… it could be a game changer…:thinking:
I usually just use hydrogen peroxide , to clean everything…
Never usually have to clean anything during flowering period …
or have to flush… :thinking::wink:


I was in the same boat.

@Myfriendis410 isn’t this all you use ??? Not sure on the kleen i have never used it I just flush


I use both peroxide and Flora Kleen (similar product to Sledgehammer). Supposed to be benign to plants but I think it’s more useful in media than in a hydro setup. That said, I did everything I could to maintain the environment whether that or peroxide.


I have used Florakleen in the past with great success. I love it for er flushes.


Do you use florakleen as a final flush then plain water after or plain water then florakleen. I’m on my last two weeks and want to start flushing

Hit it with the Florakleen first then follow up with as pure a water as you can provide. If you monitor runoff it may not need to be two weeks.