Anybody knows anything about Nicole Kush x Morrocan?

Got 10 regular seeds free, thinking to germinate them, why not ? Just like to know more info about this strain, could not find anything…probably good to make a hash…who knows ?

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Check it out on leafy, great info on strains

I did, some great reviews on Nicole Kush alone, nothing on Nicole Kush x Morrocan…but the Morrocan itself is supposed to be great for making hash…
Anyway, two good strains in one hybrid, I will grow it and see…

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Any kush plant I think would be good cause kush is one of the main strains to cross, most India’s had been crossed with a kush plant regardless of the names. Them strain titles will have you on a wild goose chase I think. The same in dog breeding, you have three pure blood liters registered with AKC or UKC and after your third liter you can name your own bloodline, I think the same concept goes in cannabis breeding, cause it’s a lot of breeders trying to get in the market since seeds are becoming a high necessity in the coalition of legalization.


I think the same way , its time to bring back a little common sense…you can scramble your eggs many different ways but you always end up with …A scrambled eggs !!!
Thanks for your input