BNK 5 strain never heard of it

just picked up a clone called BNK5, what strain is this? Is this possibly a banana kush strain? Any info would be awesome. thanks Tom

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BKN is basic skunk. I don’t know what the 5 might mean. It’s probably a skunk hybrid of some kind. I can’t find the strain on Leafly.

That could be, although it was labeled BNK 5 and said it was a Kush. Im baffled as I never heard of it either.

It might be a kush/skunk hybrid.

Well I’ll see how it progresses

ILGMs Banana Kush Fem is designated on the seed pack as BNK-5 if its the 5 seed pack. Could it be they just used that as a designation for their plants and started selling clones from them? I have had a few plants that I thought would be good sellers. Plants have to come from somewhere originally and why not ILGM?

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Thanks for the info. Going to grow it outside so it looks like I have to keep a pretty good eye on it.