Anybody know what this is? Please Help! See Pics

Got bubblegum feminized seeds from and 3 plants are fine and got this weird plant… what is it??

And here is a pic of the other plants in front of the weird one. Same batch of seeds

Looks like it’s flowering!!

It’s only got 1-2 leafs all over it

Just the one main branch is what your saying?

No like most plants have 5 leaves this one has 1 or 3 leaves. I dont think it’s a canabis plant. Here I toot off a leaf and put next to my good plants leaf


Oh wow ok now I see what you’re saying!! Has to be something in the genetics maybe a oddity or something!!! Very cool interesting though!!

You are describing leaf blades and the amount on an individual leaf.

Just like if your parents had as many kids as a plant makes seeds, all are individuals, and some are drastically different from its parents/siblings

It’s also cannabis, just a different phenotype.


It’s a cannabis plant just a freak lol she might still produce looking like it’s in flower!!

Keep an eye out for sex change

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Were the seeds autos?

To me it looks to be bud rot. Can you get a pic or two in natural light please. It’s to hard to real tell with all that yellowish haze.

Almost looks as if it’s try to go back into veg. Any chance you have light leak?

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I saw a plant that had a similar leaf today. My friend told me it was Russian Assassin.

I asked if it was autoflower, because it may just be the ruderalis showing dominance in this plant.
Otherwise, it does look like it’s revegged.