Any veggie, fruit or flower growers here to? GROW YOUR OWN FOOD!

Just a few I grow are broccoli, cherry tomato, and ground cherry (Physalis, cousin of cape gooseberry). Broccoli had some GH floranova here n there, was the most intense blue-green color and flavor I ever seen.



Nice! That broc looks good! Not sure if mine will ever produce lol may have to try again next year


I failed outside, did very well in. Never overheated, never went more than a day dry, what I think made the difference. I’ll find out this summer, relocate to get shady breaks and planted later so buds develop thru sept not july


Nice! Havent tried growing anything inside beisdes my first bud grow im on lol. But im persistent, gona keep trying for sure. Gona take a break after my harvest i have now is ready. Gotta revamp my garden and rethink my plantings. This stuff definitely keeps me busy lol

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Heres my little garden. Once the middle dies off its all gonna get cut down and im gonna plant more vegetables


We planted 4 fruit trees this year. 2 pears, plum and a peach, the peach is New Haven i think, it was short and came from Walmart 34.99. Lol, gonna have one first year :peach:. A gorgeous looking specimen. Normally 2-3 yrs for fruit on first yr trees.

Our first year asparagus, one root has grown 3 large spears, mormally first years are thinner than a pencil. Next years will be the size of jumbo pencils, yummie. Squash is producing everyday, tomatoes are turning, wife got her first beet ever yesterday.

Love growing and eating our own. Can now say that about our smoke for the first year. Yee haw :cowboy_hat_face:


Not edible but chewable :rofl::joy::rofl:

Trying my hand at tobacco again this year :metal::green_heart:


I hear tobacco is really hard to grow what sre your thoughts on that @StonedCold13?

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If I’m not to late this season I’ll let ya know when I harvest.
1st try was last year and didn’t do well after germ. It was my fault. Didn’t offer enough light. Tiny tiny tiny seeds, had waaaaay to many in the seed cup. Got frustrated and threw them out.
So far so good this year. If I’m not to late. I think I’ll be fine for harvest but maybe not seeds :green_heart::metal:


I usually grow butternut, tomato’s, peppers, sweet potato, spring onion in a cage I built to keep the monkeys out. It’s late winter here now so the cage is empty and going to get bird mesh wrapped because of birds eating everything too. There are a few paw paw seedlings going in there at the moment but will need be moved out later when they can handle monkeys eating their leaves lol.


Nice! And you serious about the monkey’s? :sweat_smile:

Would you care if i asked where abouts u were to have to worry about monkeys lol :laughing:


@Highgrow lol yes, dead serious! I am in Durban, South Arica. Cant leave any windows open either or they get inside and destroy the kitchen. The only products i can grow outside of the cage are chillis, cherry tomatos and lettuce


And I bitch about the mosquitoes :rofl::joy::rofl::smile::rofl:


I saw a documentary recently that said Monkey’s in heavily populated areas have gotten smart enough to know the difference between something valuable in trade and something worthless. They’re literally snatching cell phones and sunglasses because they know where they can trade them for food on the black market, lol.


That’s crazy! Hello from Missouri.


Hey @4204life im also located in MO. If you have an insta feel free to add me my name is the same with an s on the end for insta

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Oh nice!! Thats interesting and Here i am complaining about the bugs :man_facepalming::laughing: im in NC :call_me_hand:

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I do, don’t use much. Dont think I have any posts. I will look you up.


That’s cool, I have a few pawpaw going too. 10 rebecas gold seedlings and a grafted “mango” and a grafted “Shenandoah“ from Kansas state u.

Taking North Americas largest native fruit to Africa. Love it.


I do blueberries. Raspberries, black raspberries, currants, gooseberries, and honey berries. Strawberries rule all and are my favorite cover crop in all my beds.

I have a peachy plum hybrid.

I have a sweet treat and candy heart pluerry (plum cherry) hybrid.

I have a green gauge, burgundy, elephant hart, and Nadia plum.

I have sweet bagel, hw272, veteran, Salish summer, Oregon curl free, frost, contender, betty, and Indian free peaches. These are all individual trees. Grafs of more types soon to come.

I have a hardired, kriebiach, atomic red, hardy Canadian red, and flavor top nectarines. These are all individual trees. Grafts if more types soon to come.

I have a shanxi li and honey jar jujube trees.

My pawpaws. All young. I cannot wait to try my first pawpaw.

I have honeycrisp, cosmic crisp, red calypso, golden delicious, Braeburn, Granny Smith, Macintosh, Arkansas black, Fuji, yellow delicious, pink lady, and jonagold apples. These are all grafted to 3 rootstock trees.
I need a good crab apple still.

I have a Bartlet and red anjo pear. I grafted 2 heritage pears this spring too. No idea what they are.

I have sweet red, Raineer, and bing cherries. All grafted to one happy tree.

I have fuzzy kiwi vines, 3 types. Still need a grape kiwi vine.

I have an interlaken grape vine. Still need a himrod sweet grape and a muscadine.

I have a Pakistani mullberry tree

I have a aborquena (aka California black olive) olive tree. I am happy with it and plan to get a couple more for increased pollination.

I have a 5 different feijoas (pineapple guava) bushes.

I have an avocado tree

I have a blue Java ice cream banana tree.

I have a Meyer lemon, a standard lemon, a kei lime, and 3 different satsuma oranges.

Still need to get a loquat tree. And a couple more types of mullberry. Then I’m set.

Veggies too, and a giant pumpkin patch all the way down to the creek. I let all the neighbor kids to a pumpkin patch pick every year.