Any tips on fertilizing

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

I live is the SW of ontario Canada where we get more than 190 degree days. I have 3 plants that I acquired as clone they are suppose to be budda kush. I have them in 3 gal. Pots and they are doing well so far. Wish me luck that I an vet to harvest this time.
Any tips on fertilizing I used a miracle grow potting soil so there are some nutrients in the soil, should I add some before they start to flower which should be approximately 2 -3 weeks from now.

If you used mg just use ph water mg is not a good soil with growing weed. But you are already there adding nutrients can give you nutrient burn and cause lock up of roots and other problems. It will also depend upon which mg soil you used to depending on that information you might get by with nutrients at half or a quarter strength and do ok


Most growers avoid Miracle Grow…the nutes will remain the same tru the whole grow cycle.
Meaning, with grower added nutes…the type of nutes can be adjusted to the plants different needs during veg and flower cycle. Once in flower, the plant needs different nutes to grow flowers.