When to start with nutrients

A question from a fellow grower:

I know I shouldn’t add any nutrients for the first 2 weeks but when should I start adding molasses and bloom and I also have also an fish fertilizer and roots organics by gurora Buddha grow these are the products I have any help is greatly appreciated

Bloom nutrients are added during the Flower/bloom photo period/light cycle (12 hours light/12 hours dark), usually the second half of your grow. Fish fertilizer has a lot of nitrogen and so might mostly be used during the first half or vegetative growth (18 hours light/6 hours darkness). Depending on numerous factors you don’t necessarily need to withhold nutrients for a whole two weeks. As soon as a strong root system is developed you can start adding vegetative nutrients. I personally don’t believe in adding or using molasses. It has almost no purpose in hydro growing at all, and really limited benefit in organic soil growing. The plant can not directly use the sugar in the molasses, it needs to be first broken down by microbes in the soil before the plant gets any benefit. It does have some potassium and phosphorus in it which is good during flowering/bloom, but again really only in soil.

I noticed the new nutrient pack you guys sell. But I also note the cost is a hundred. Can’t I pick up the nutrients on their own for a much more affordable price?

What exactly to I need/is highly recommended by seasoned growers?
Those things that come together in the pack that you sell—are those necessities?

I’m on disability and have a very limited income. If I need them I will buy them. I was just hoping I could get something a little more affordable. But if that’s how much they cost then so be it. I had never heard of such a high price for nutrients is all

Thank you
Growing widow first time

You can grow quite adequately with off the shelf nutrients. Get a good soil for growing vegetables or fruits in from your local nursery or big box outlet, amend it heavily with perlite. Cannabis likes to grow in well draining soil, kinda like a cactus. You can use miracle grow for tomatoes added to your watering during the vegetative season and the miracle grow drops for cactus during the flowering cycle, this will get you decent results.

Our nutrient price is comparable to other high quality all organic specialty nutrients kinda like Advanced Nutrients, Humboldt Nutrients, Technaflora, or House and Garden or maybe Dutch Nutrients. You’ll notice equivalent packages from any of them for about the same price.

Thank you again. I’ve already decided to go ahead and pick up your nutrient package. I trust you guys. Also thanks about the tomato and cactus miracle gro info. I will experiment If you have time can u please tell me why tomato and why during it’s vegetative state and why cactus/flowering. It’s not vital but I bet it’s worth knowing if u bothered to tell me about it. Can’t !@#$ing wait to get going.

The tomato formula just has the right NPK ratio for vegetative growth and the cactus drops has the right ratio for flower. The plant is going to need more nitrogen during the vegetative growth season and it needs much less nitrogen and more phosphorous and potassium during the flowering season. You’ll see with our system how you adjust those nutrient values at the different times of the plant’s life cycle.

I have a question about nute’s this is my second grow. First time on a forum. Not sure how to post. Except similar topic please excuse Me if this was wrong.
I have 5 strawberry kush. One month old. germinated great, they are in happy frog potting soil by fox farm. Last week I gave them a 1/2 dose grow big by same company. Now dropped leaves and browning.
Did I nute to soon? I’ve been told I really don’t even need to nute them in veg. State with this soil.
Thought I’d ask the pro’s