Any thoughts on how they look greatly appreciated. Autoflower gold leaf

She broke ground june 20th so today makes 18 days old. Fox farms happy frog soil with a little extra mixed in to help drainage. No nutes yet, im going to use the ff trio, but i am being patient and trying not to introduce them to soon. Philzon 900 watt light and a vivosun 1000 hung in my 2.5’ by 2.5’ tent. Third grow and want to learn on this one. First grow was beautiful(photo plants), second grow (autos) started good and ended with 226g on 5 plants in that tent with the 1000 watt only, and they didnt finish to satisfaction. Any tips? Have ph meter and ppm meter havent used yet. Water from fridge set out for a day or so before watering. Last i checked i was getting mid 6 ph out the fridge consistently



Looking good Grow Bro, start checking the run off PH and PPMs. Start feeding when the run off is below 1000 PPMs. Target an input and run off PH of 6.5 and 1000 PPMs. :love_you_gesture:


I would say, auto are more difficult than photos, you will see a very wide range of phenos from seed.

They typically will prefer cooler temperatures and less nutrients.

DLI is very important with autos, the standard 1000ppfd doesn’t normally work over a 12 hour light cycle. The two measurements we need to look at are light intensity and duration on.
When we run 18 or 20 hours of light it’s not hard to supply to much.

Looks like you have a great water source with the perfect ph now you just need to make sure the soil ph always stays in an optimal range for best results.

You can always tag me if you have any questions.


Your plants look good and healthy for only 18 days! Sorry for posting on your thread, but I have a question for @Autos-only about ppfd and dli for mid week 3 of flower. I’m gradually increasing ppfd from around 900 on up towards 1000, but when I switch to dli on the photone app I’m pretty high, mid 40s according to the charts I’ve seen on here. Which measurement should I follow? To get in the ballpark dli range I would have to lower the ppfd out of flower range is my understanding. Right now my light( sp3000) is about as high as it will go in my tent, 12 inches from top of canopy. I can gain a few more inches zip tying light to top of tent, and I don’t want to stress them, I had 1 plant out of this grow herm already maybe due to light stress before.

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Mid 40s should be acceptable, iv had autos that would take up to 52DLI.

I would keep it in the 40-45 range unless you start to see stress or issues. You will normally see what appears to be magnesium deficiency and burning of the edges from light stress, you may also see bleaching but this will be caused from to intense not just duration.

You have the right idea, keep the light further away on a higher power setting,(if temps allow) this will throw the best lighting footprint corner to corner.

You have a sf3000? Bar style? Those are great lights!


Yeah I’ve got the sp3000 in a 2x4x6 , I’m very happy with it. I was sold after watching the review on coco for cannabis YouTube video. Has great uniform coverage. I should have added these plants are photos. I just started some autos though( sour stomper x grape crinkle berry and strawberry shortcake) to hopefully harvest these photos and throw the autos in bigger tent directly after. The only potential deficiencies I’ve seen are on 1 plant. Is this cal mag deficiency on a few leaves?


Plants look great! Definitely doing a good job! Can you highlight the area you are talking about? I don’t see any issues for concern.

Just make sure your ph going in is correct and the runoff ph isn’t changing much.


Just these 2 leaves,


Plants Look healthy, with the 2.5x2.5 tent If not already I would top the plants.
Keep up the good work

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It doesn’t look like calcium to me, I wouldn’t worry about it, keep up with your feedings and monitor you runoff ph.


Update, yalls thoughts now? 25 days old. Gold leaf autos in happyfrog soil


I am just a beginner. Yet. I already found it’s never to early to start training them. Just like rug rats train em early.

I am still on first grow, have stringy little branches that popped up. I kept about half.

Not sure about your autos but photo period produce some many extra leaves.

Your greenery looks great🤘

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Looks really good for 25 days old, looks like you’re on the right track.

On your next watering i would water to a little bit of runoff and test its ph, write it down so you have a starting point, if ph starts to change you can modify your watering ph to counter act it.

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