Any one tried gold leaf strain?

I’m happy with my ww autos, but I’d rather start growing photos.
I had no problems getting plants so far up to 3 months old.100% germ and sprouts.
My only regret is not growing more and using a scrog.
Since sativas bud everywhere how can they be trained so even the lower buds can reach the top of canopy?
Gold leaf might be too advanced if so what strain is good for second grow.
I don’t mind mixing strains as long as the heights of each strain are very close to the same.
Mixing mainly or pure sativa with mainly indica with only one light in my room wasn’t the best decision.

I don’t think gold leaf should be hard to grow.

Mixing a sativa dominant plant with a indica dominant plant in the the same room with only one light shouldn’t be a problem as long as the light is strong enough for the size of the space you are growing in, and both plants are both photo period or both auto flower. It depends on the light, but not including LEDs that can truly put out only pure blue light or pure red light, all the other lights, fluorescent, high pressure sodium and metal halide can actually be used for the whole grow, sure people like to use “more blue” lights during veg and “more red” lights during flower, but these lights still have plenty of the other color to have a plant be healthy through the entire grow, yes more red might add some stretching but and full spectrum fluorescent light or any HPS or MH can be used for an entrie grow without any big noticeable detrimental effects.The only problem would be an all red LED light as the plants need at least 25% blue to remain healthy and this is true in veg or flower. The only way I see a problem is if they are sharing the same reservoir as if you plan on flushing at the end of the grow, the sativa will finish later and it might be to early to flush when the indica is ready for flushing, but even with a shared reservoir it can be done, especially with a “low nute, no need for flush” kinda nutrient mixture, kinda Lucas style.

What do you mean sativas bud everwhere? Indicas are short and bushy with numerous tops that become good size buds, so I’d say indicas bud everywhere. Sativias tend to grow tall with one large central cola, so to me that is not budding everywhere. You should be pruning off the smaller branches that try and start low on the plant, kinda ‘lolly popping’ your plant. Any large branches at the top are also manicured to keep the little branches that grow off them from taking away from the huge buds that will form at the “tops”.

I had some medical a while ago and it gave me a burst of energy and back pain melted away.I think it was either a ww or kush strain.
Had a piney taste very clean.Not a lot in the head but great body relief.
I prefer something for sleep and pain.Energy during morning would be great may need two strains?