Any OG kush growers

Anyone grow the OG kush strain regularly? Wondering how many flowering days they typically take. This one is on day 57 of 12/12. Trimmed a lower bud, and trichomes are mostly cloudy. Not a single amber one yet. It did take 20 days to show budlets after flipping.


I have grown a few and mostly are 8 weeks after flower starts or 10 weeks from flip…nice grow


Thank you, that helps give me a good idea on a timeline.

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Hey, what do you mean by flipping? What did you do before flowering? I am a new grower and need all the help I can get. Thanks.

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Flipping the lights from 24 hrs or 18/6 to 12/12 hrs. To initiate flowering on a photo period plant as opposed to an auto

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By the way welcome to the community and happy growing

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Oh thanks brother, I thought I was missing something. I appreciate you, I’m working on some Cookies and cream, feminized, and getting ready to germ around 20 OG kush autos, wish me well, I’m gonna need it, and your babies look great!

I did FIM mine. I like this opposed to actually topping. You can google FIM is you’re not familiar. It’s easy to do, and produces more tops, plus keeps the canopy more even. OG kush doesn’t seem to be the easiest plant to grow, at least for me. This one has been kind of a problem. Never was able to get the leaf spotting under control. Tried everything I knew.