Any ideas how many weeks in flowering?

I lost track of how many weeks this my first grow

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Looks like 3 or 4


When do you harvest usally ? 6-7 weeks ?

Eight to 10 weeks


This is autoflower blue dreams and i had root rot i chop the rot off early and it recover guess we find out . Hydroponics and seems like i cant find out wats causing it .

Typically reservoir temps that are too high.

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65 temp is where i try to keep it at

65 is good. Are you using clear or black tubing?

Ph i have it at 5.9 to 6.0

5.8 is your sweet spot. Slightly high pH isn’t going to cause root rot.


Black tubing but i notice the roots well block the air bubbles to 1 side and other side be still water

Welcome to the community. Congratulations on some nice plants on your first grow. Autos are typically ready in 10-14 weeks. When the pistils on your buds start changing color is a sign it’s close to harvest so watch your Trichomes. When they are mostly cloudy with about 10% amber is my preference. Your in the right forum you will learn a lot from here. This community team definitely has the knowledge from experience.


What type of hydroponic system are you using DWC, EBB & Flow? Also nutes?

First grow, that’s how it starts :grin:
You look to be around wk 3 of flower, so ya got aways to go… Enjoy :sunglasses::v:

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I was gonna guesstimate 4-6 weeks till harvest. Like @MidwestGuy states, flowering time is the only time to count weeks, which is typically 8-10 weeks. She will start fattening up every week. Exciting times, patience will be your biggest virtue. Looking good!!!

Good looking plant :+1:
Welcome to the community :grin:
Im guess 3 weeks in.

Typically 8-10, I know all the autoflowers say way less but they lie.
Everything rare once in a while i get an auto that finishes in 6-7 weeks of flower but i can count on 1 hand the number that has and I can’t even tell you how many autoflowers I’ve grew :sweat_smile:

You’re in good hands with @MidwestGuy but I’ll add one last thing.
If you’re not useing a root inoculant like hydroguard then a little bit of h2o2 (proxide) in you solution can help the rot and it adds oxygen to the water as it breaks down in to pour water and pure oxygen.
Even if you are useing a root inoculant and still getting rot, then try a bucket of solution without the inoculant and use the h2o2 instead and see if it helps.

I use alot of h2o2 in mine with good results.


Dwc… nutes im using general hydroponics flora micro and flora bloom with dyna grow with hi brix molassese also call mag and silca


Thanks for the input and i love the blueberries scent it gives out blue dreams autos from ilgm store

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I’m familiar with GH flora series, cal-mag, and silca.
Dyna gro seems to be a brand name when I Google it so I’m a little confused on what it is.
I’m wondering if the molassese isn’t/wasn’t the cause of the rot.
Molassese is typically not used in DWC. In soil it’s used to feed microbes sugar and in dwc without microbes.
I Googled that “hi brix molassese” and it does have some micronutrients but the flora micro has all the micros needed.
What you are doing is absolutely working so im not trying to say the molassese has hurt anything, it just may not be needed and could possibly have an adverse effect as it’s unnecessary sugars in what’s essentially a sterile system.

If it was me, I’d drop the molassese and replace it with bacillus amyloliquefaciens or h2o2 as root protection. Just my 2 cents :blush:

Thanks . I thought they need surgar during flowering ? But ill stop using it and is it normal for the fan leafs tips turning bowrn around this time ?

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