Any help appreciated

Bruce banner outdoor auto. 83 days old. Sugar leaves dying. Is this normal

May want to open up the area and check for any rot

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Its my first grow. How would i do that

Just pull the bud open a little around the areas of the dead leaves.


Dude she’s just eating herself it’s totally normal but she’s telling you she’s ready so check for cloudy 80% she’s a daytime buzz 80%+ and lots of amber couch lock city

I don’t mean to seem any kind of contradictory, but by the white hairs, there’s still some weeks to go. Sugar leaves shouldn’t be totally dead that high up. There would be a more even dying from the tips inward. A lone dying leaf I wouldn’t worry, but one dead one smack in the middle of a fat bud, where there are no other dead ones, would raise my antennas.


Haha all good i didn’t have my glasses on sry :sweat_smile:… but that is normal maybe feed her

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Just started flushfew days ago.

How long in flower?

Roughly 7 weeks. Its been in mid 90s with real feel about a 100 for a week now. Could that gave something to do with it

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Most definitely maybe heat stress then :thinking:

Guess ishould remove dead leaves

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If they are dying from the tip in towards the plant it shouldn’t be bud rot correct?

Correct but it could lead to it

I’m with Ryan. Bend that bud over in the middle and see how she looks deeper in. If those leaves pluck out easily it suggests rot.


Great suggestion :ok_hand::+1:

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Unfortunately it is bud rot

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Well done @Borderryan22. Good info about what to look for.


My condolences :pray: