Is she dying? Flowering stage

1st time grower. Not sure as I strain pulled it outta my stash. I’m a ditch weed smoker if that helps. 2 days ago everything was well by today all hell has broke through (I think) I live coastal Georgia if that helps. It’s been flowering for over a month. Please Help a gal out.

1st photo is day I saw it start to wilt.
2nd is today

Looks either over or under watered

Welcome I would remove some of the Dead Leaves clean it up a little bit.

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Looks done to me…
Is it an auto? Outdoor grow?

That my friend unfortunately look like bud rot see the little white on the sugar leaves up by the buds looks like mildew of a sort to me and your plants reaction looks negative and fans really don’t either up when you flush if your flushing they yellow …

this a grow I got bud rot see similarities… does it smell dank or like wet wood ?

Does it stay outside all the time and does it get rained on directly …ur buds look dense enough to hold moisture to be a breeding ground for botritus cenera

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Not sure whats going on… but id chop her on done. Could be bud rot (uber contagious) ib which case she could contaminate other plants. Remove her from the area CAREFULLY and sterilize anything that contacts her.

Our temps have been insane sonce Dorian. So could just be super dry… but at this stage… wont recover much.

All in all. Chop her. If any buds are brown and brittle… toss that section. Its bud rot. Cant smoke that. Also a post harvest ‘bud wash’ is HIGHLY recommended