Any advice or tips on autopot 4pot fabric? system

I just ordered one going to pick it up soon, but I also ordered a 25 gal res for it to but first run will be gdp Photos will probably be running floraflex for nutes. Also how long does the stock resivor last for yall??? Anything is appreciated!!

I have used autopot a couple of times. A single plant once and three plants another time. All were photos. I think a reasonable estimate is around a gallon a day during heavy feeding periods (veg & flower).
I have a couple one month old GDP that will be going into spring pots soon.

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True @beardless Thanks for the Info I’m just waiting on the white autopot res instead of the blue one 25gallon, im go pick my system up tomorrow idk when I should use it when do you recommend?? My gdp is about a month old from seed got them in gallon pots right now under 300l bspec from hlg put em in at jan 3 saw some tails next day seeds from ilgm had them for about a year in the fridge decided to pop some

We must have dropped the beans the same day. This is one of them on day 28

They were transplanted into in one gallon transplanters on 1/18. Since they were just topped I am letting them recover. They need to be fed today (Jack’s 321) and then I will see if they are ready to be put in there final 5 gallon pots in two days - Sunday.

If the root ball fees secure and solid enough, then two will go into spring pots and the third into a rain science bag. Today, the two growth tips for the manifold is growing nicely.
I have the smaller standard reservoir that comes with the 4 unit XL system. It is plenty big for me. At most I have three plants connected to it. This time I am only doing two. They will be going into these frames

I just built a closet that can hold three frames. Each is under a HLG 260 v2 Rspec

The Bspec must do a great job during veg. Do have an Rspec for flower?


Damn man youres are bigger than mine

But yeah I got the 600rspec for flowering. I barley put them in 1gallons the other day been in clone dome for like 2 weeks or sumnn, but sick setup in the closet! Brotha dig it and rainscience is dope like their white bags honestly got 6 of the 5gallon ones was looking into getting bigger ones later for other plants @beardless

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It’s all the love I give them.
Actually, coco and Jack’s. The first couple of weeks they didn’t do much. I think it was a little cool for them. Once they were put in bigger bags and into a nice warm tent they picked up the pace.
Are you growing all of those out?
It will the first time with the rain science bags. It will be for a solo top fed plant in my 3x3. See if I can fill it up.

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@beardless when do you turn your system on or put them in the autopot pots im curious

I have three GDP that are 33 days in this picture

They are being transplanted to their final bags
Two went into autopots

Tomorrow, Sunday will be day 38. They have been top fed twice since being transplanted. I will top feed one time tomorrow. They will also be topped the second time tomorrow. I should also mention when I top feed I also fill up the tray. I think this helps the roots grow toward the bottom. After that I will start using the reservoir and feeding through the autopots.