Any advice? GSC autoflowers no nutes used

Hello fellow growers. This is my second grow my 1st didnt turn out to well. So i have a 4×4 tent with 2 HLG300L RSPEC and growing 4 GSC using soil. No nutes only happy frog on the top ocean in the middle and strawberry fields on the bottom. Now 1 plant looks really tall the has alot of yellowing on the bottom and now the tips. Im scared to add any nutes because thats the problem i had last time. Im only PHing my water at 6.3 to 6.5 havnt checked the run off yet because everything has been fine untill now. Any suggestions on adding cal/mag or does the plant look hungry? Not enough experience to tell.

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Those soils have enough food for 4 to 6 weeks.
Now you have to feed them.
I see on another of your threads you have Earth Juice nutrients.
You should start feeding now. Maybe start 1/2 strength for a week and see what happens.
Yellowing wont get better but it should stop spreading.


Right on thanks for the advise. I stopped using that stuff but i will start with a light feed. :+1:

Plus she is flowering and will be dropping her lower leaves as she uses them for nutrients.

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Like said before start off using ff nutes at half strength. 1 thing for sure make sure you flush every 4-6 weeks I use ff soil and nutes and I will get salt build up. Besides that keep up the good work

Great thanks for the heads up thats what i was afraid of. These are autos so i dont want to stress them out to much. Greatly appreciated.