Another watering question

Hello all. I have a question about watering. I have my seedlings in little solo cups in a grow tent with a humidifier and each has a dome on it. The humidifier is what I think is causing my confusion. Everything I read on when to water say to feel the top soil to see how moist it is. Well it’s been 2 days and the top still feels moist to the touch. With that said is there just a minimum amount of days to water by default? I really can’t tell by touch and feel I need something to default to. Thank you all in advance. This forum has already saved me so much time.

Cut the bottom of a water bottle or any clear plastic that can form a dome. Must it and leave it be. The dome will keep the humidity.

Another thing that I do is cut a drain hole in the bottom of the cup. That way you’ll know water just isn’t sitting in the bottom.

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I don’t dome, I’d take them off. Let the girls dry out under the light and in the tent. Give it 5 or 6 days. Pick up the solo cup, once she feels like an empty cup, add 4 or 5 oz water, enough to get a slight run off. Rinse, wash, repeat till she is 3 weeks old or so…then transfer.

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