Another North East Outdoor Grow

Thanks @raustin, I hoped you’d be around, Hows things going with you’re drying process !!
You got a Shite Ton O Bud !!

I do, I actually have too much weed. Yesterday I made a shitload of canna butter to just get rid of my old stash. I just dumped it all into my butter machine. Lol.

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I wish I had your problem, I’d be Very happy if I dried 1 oz from this plant. We’ll see how she does, I still have another 2-3weeks before I harvest her. And, because she’s outside, I’ll proly be taking her down in small sections !!

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You’re lucky you don’t have bud rot, everyone got it this year.

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Bud Rot Shit, I had proly 3 plants Destroyed by heavy rains during June-July.
Oh well, this is Outdoor growing.

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I don’t know how you guys do the outdoor thing. There’s so much you can’t control, but when it goes well you get monster plants.

This plant was a gift from God. Because of College I now live 14 Miles from my Lone plant. I only get to see her once about every 4-5 days. Had I been able to Top, bend, shape her etc. she would have been Killer big !!

A gift from god, really? God gave you a cannabis plant? What strain?

Yes GOD, you Athiest, God said got to ILGM and buy the Fruity Mix Pack, then plant some Chocolope !!! Then tease @raustin on line !! LOL

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LMFAO! God made sure you got the good genetics at ILGM.

Your plant looks great. It looks just like my outdoor plant with the 3 and 5 point leafs with red stems. I don’t know what strain mine is but looks just like yours. How does yours smell? Mine is very strong like a mixture of chocolate and coffee. I heard chocolope is very prone to bud rot so keep an eye on it.


Be patient with eaten plants. My dog eaten plant bounced back and is VERY thick and bushy. Looked a lot like yours.

“HOLY CRAP” I Grow GOOD Weed !!!

Lets Talk about this Grow !!
I Got Pictures !!
And about a Serious example of a Total Outside Guerilla Grow, with an extension of travel you couldn’t even imagine by bus and Mountain Bike , over 14 Miles of difference across a county and into Country, How I made it happen and how it shows the Absolute difference of Indoor and Outdoor Growing. This is NOT an altercation of differences between Two growing Medians but a show of Force between the Two of Outdoor and IN-Door Growing.

This is basically intended for the extreme Novice Outdoor Grower

This is Three Hit Weed !!

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Did you harvest your plant? All this rain has me worried. I want to wait until Oct. 1 for my giant and the rest will need a bit longer. My stealth grow isn’t so stealth anymore.

No I didn’t harvest the whole plant, I was taking some very small popcorn buds off the bottom lower level branches that weren’t “stacking” . I did this in order to send more nutrients to the Tips of the branches. Therefore I would have a better quality Cola bud on the tips.
I kept the little Popcorns and dried them in a dark ventilated room with a dehumidifier set at 50 for 25 hrs. , the little buds dried well and were Very smokeable ! I let a few other people try it also, basically 3 Hit weed !!!

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Nice. The tops should be one or two hit.

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You can see the little Popcorns on the bottom branches

Trimmed and Dried


Looks like I’m in the same boat. I just checked my plant and two bottom branches broke off from the rain.

At least the top will get more energy now.

Clip em and dry them in a Dark ventilated area with a fan and De humidifier if possible