Northern California, 2018 outdoor grow

I’m starting my next outdoor grow for 2018 summer. This is in Northern California and I plan on 6 legal plants. I have 3 clones from a dispensary, and 3 from seeds. If I lose one, I’ll get another dispensary clone.

Hades OG (clone Dark Heart Nursery)
The White (clone Dark Heart Nursery)
Gorilla Glue 4 (clone Dark Heart Nursery)
Northern Lights (ILGM seed)
Blue Dream (“bag seed” from my 2017 outdoor grow, cloned from a previous run of ILGM seeds)
Blue Dream (“bag seed” from my 2017 outdoor grow, cloned from a previous run of ILGM seeds)

Building soil: Starting with Fox Farm Ocean Forest, I add coco fiber, worm casings, bat guano, gypsum (calcium), epson salt (magnesium), and some Ironite. Plants will be outdoors in 7 gallon pots, but some may be in my raised bed vegetable garden.

Soon to be tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeno and bell peppers, string beans, zucchini, radishes, lettuce, and cannabis if there’s room.

Seedlings will be under lights until May 10, when the outdoor daylight is 14 hours.
My seeds are germinated, but not in dirt yet. I’ll post more photos when there’s something to see.


@Budlite I don’t believe it another gypsum lover! I swear by it! It also has sulfur. And another outdoor grower. Happy growing!

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@highcountrygal The soil on my property is hard pan clay. I’ve added tons of gypsum over the years to break up the clay whenever I plant anything. The calcium is nice too. For my weed, I will be adding liquid CalMag along with nutrients, but I also like to have gypsum in the soil to start.


@Budlite I fight with DG decomposed Granite and it turns into cement! I’m in San Diego’s East County. I buy it and use it by the bag!


I’m watching! That’s a hell of a garden. I can’t wait to see it full!

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Last year’s garden, in September.


@Budlite Very nice!! are those 5 gal or 3?

Hi @Budlite. I’m in N CA too and my seedlings have sprouted for this summers outdoor grow too.

I’m gonna tag along here if OK.

Calcium sulfate if I remember correctly. Common in tap water. We used to add it during our bourbon runs to mimic Kentucky spring water.

@Myfriendis410 Yeah, I use to brew beer, and added gypsum to make the water “hard”. Good for ales.
@mulegal I’m keeping seedlings under lights until May 10, when daylight reaches 14 hours. I will transplant to 7 gallon pots, then I move everything outside permanently on May 10. I grow in pots and saucers outside so I can catch and measure runoff water.


Gypsum helps to clarify the beer too. Flocculation.

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I’m not surprised it’s just calcium and is naturally occurring.

Wicked good luck man love the outdoor grows take a loook at my pic if you like of my outdoor crop


Yeah Budlite, I was hoping to get things outside a bit sooner but this spring has turned windy and cold and unpredictable the last week or so. No telling. I’ll have 2 autos in 5 gallon pots and 2 photos in 10 gallon. 3 of my 4 sprouts are up and thriving under lights.


@Caosred Nice landscaping crop. Are those all the same strain?
I would be staking those tall colas before the wind snaps them over.
Do the neighbors like the smell? I can smell mine from the street, have been waiting for someone to complain, or ask for a sample.


@mulegal Don’t worry about being late to get them outside. Remember that weed wants to start flowering if the light cycle is 12 hours or less. I’m waiting until days are 14 hours long (May).

Also learned from other vegetables like tomatoes and peppers. if I plant some seedlings outside early, and then plant another batch 4 or 5 weeks later, the later ones catch up with the early planting. Partly has to do with soil temperature, and partly the length of daylight.


No there all different strains and i did take the top off lol :joy:


Update: 3 clones and one seedling at 5 weeks. Going from indoor grow room with 18 hour light to outdoor on May 10, where outdoor light will be 14 hours. I lost 2 Blue Dream in germination.

Left front is Gorilla Glue 4, from clone purchased on April 5.
Right front is Northern Lights from ILGM seed April 6.
Back left is The White, back right is Hades OG, both clones.

I want to add 2 more clones, but don’t want the strains my local dispensaries are stocking.

In my spare time I made a pipe tool; I also made that pipe too.