Another North East Outdoor Grow

Holy Crap, 3 days straight rain , and Heavy at that. This is like an on going of last year.
So I finally get to check my Ladies, UGGGHHH , Smashed, well two of them any way. I couldn’t even take pics as I was only concerned with emergency medical response and CPR.
So my Big Chocolope was smashed to the ground along with her sister. AAGHHH. I quickly mended them both and got them upright and lookin OK. The other three , still stunted and quite short didn’t suffer the same wrath and are doing well. I’m hoping that the next week will be enough to get them back on their feet again as well as the Triplets. So I cleared some more room around the little ones so as to be able to get some better sun and gave them all a good dose of Bug spray.
This is Out Door growing , been here before and got through it, and still I have 5 Ladies left.
As long as it doesn’t rain for another few days all should be well .
I just didn’t have the heart to take pics this time . What I Will leave ya with is the carnage of what I have to deal with getting in and out of the Guerilla grow.
My legs were clawed and scratched by six different types of Prickers and Thorns , good lord I was hurtin getting out of there LOL !!

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So the rains have past but we were chocked out with 100 deg. temps for days, I lost 4 more plants to heavy rains and another critter. So now I’m down to One Chocolope. She seems to be fairing quite well considering the wrath of Mother Nature. She’s approx. 20 in . tall and has a strong looking base to her, I think as long as she doesn’t get eaten by Deer I’ll have a good lady for the rest of the Grow.
I’ve also cleared out about three more ft. of surrounding brush and tall grass so she will get a little More light earlier in the day. The grass was kept at a higher level earlier to prevent burning but now I think shes at a level where she can receive a bit more .
This grow was placed in an area on the edge of a clearing where the sun coming from East to West will pass by and give her 6-7 hrs of Direct sun per day and plenty of ambient through out the full day. If all goes well from here on , she should be an amazing lady by early Sept.

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So I need to say Sorry for the long wait, but a lot of things have happened in the last three weeks, I Need to speak with @garrigan62 about some fertilization.
I’m not going to go into Great detail but I’ve not seen my Last plant(Outdoor Grow) for about 3 weeks.
She’s doing OK but has had a great deal of competition from “wild plants”
She is pretty sparse as far as growing “Fat” outdoors
I have some fertilization but am not sure how to use it.
This is all a Long story but I have one plant left (Chocolope)
She is still Very Healthy, but has gotten Choked out physically so shes Not Too big. Approx. 4ft tall.I was able to clear an Overgrown spot out back to its original size of 8x8 ft. and let Sun back in and I am currently using an all natural plant insecticide. My question is this , How do I use and can I use this effectively as an Outdoor Grow

I have plenty more to talk about, I believe I have about 4-6 weeks before harvest
Thanks to all who can help

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Hey @anon78295680, I’m still strong here, follow this till the end !!

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You have way more than that before harvest. End of September if your lucky.
Looks great though. I would recommend an organic flowering fertilizer that you sprinkle on top of soil if you don’t have easy access to plant. That way it will be slowly released and less chance of burning her.

Does the stuff your using say its safe fir vegetables?
I still would not spray it on my flowering plants though ?

@butchbrooks jas a good recommendation as far as the nutrients go
I use they ff dry trio as a booster in my Liquid nutrients they work great :+1:

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Believe it or not. That will grow. I started 8 plants inside late winter. 2’ tall. One night my Great Dane ate them in a similar manner. I salvage 2 aurora indicas

Dont give up on it. Extremely hardy are weeds…:sunglasses: stretchgfw

Your plant has a long way to go. I don’t even see pre flowers. My outdoor grows, ( I’m in New England) don’t usually get harvested until mid to late October.

The fox farm nutes you have pictured are typically used to increase the yield of the plant. You may need to use the basic fox farms nutes before that. It all depend on what the plant needs. So far it looks healthy. :+1:

Thanks to all, I bought the FF Nutes last year but dont remember why LOL !!
The pesticide I’m using is all organic, I used it on my First grow two years ago through out the whole process, the plants worked Very well with it.
What should I possibly use in the mean time. I did use some Alaskan Fish fertilizer 3 weeks ago before I left. The soil it was planted in was well made and mixed by myself and I’m sure has plenty of nutrient left but I’m looking for a “booster” to help get it back on track.
Sorry about the crappy pics but there was plenty of Pre-Flower on the plant, and it is generally looking very healthy.
It has been raining A lot over the past few weeks, I dont think there was three days in a row where we didn’t get rain and Very Heavy at that so the water I brought to the site is still there.

What a differance a week makes. Since clearing out the site, letting a Ton of light in and a little pruning my plant has nearly Doubled in size. By the looks of the weather I proly have another 5-6 weeks of grow before harvest. Next time I visit I’ll be bringing some Nutes to the site.

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Nice looking plants. I am from north jersey and I started growing on June 12 outside pots. The are 17 and 15inches. I don’t know if they are male or female. Anyway of telling? They have 7 layers of leaves. Don’t know if I should trim either. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Excellent, congrats on your grow. You should be al least 6 weeks in now or enough time that you can start looking.
What you’re looking for are small “sacks” where the stems meet at the main stalk. If you see Sacks, you’ve got Male plants, easy as that.
I’ll also stress the use of this Forum as a Complete Guide for grow questions.
On the top Right of the Forum you’ll see “Blog Guides Forum and Seed Shop”

Go to the “Guides” section and look under Beginner Guides, you’ll see a section of Harvesting , Cloning and Sexing. Your answer will be there !! Good luck and Keep asking questions !!!

I will look at that now. If they are male do I cut them down? I only have 2 and I’m trying to send a picture but I’m not very good at this.
Thank You for your help my friend. I’m also looking to bring them inside and to use a light.

If there is a Male then its Game Over, Sorry. I would actually say to keep them Outside as much as possible as you should still have at least 6 more weeks of Great temps to grow until harvest.
If possible , take a pic with your phone, send it to your email, click right on the photo save it under a name like Grow1. Theres a little picture on the Reply box here. Tap that and hit “Browse”, find your pic and hit “Upload”

Thank you I will try sending a picture tomorrow as I’m not very savvy on doing this.

So with everything else that could have gone wrong , I’ve lost 5 Ladies and all the trimming and bending I could have done with this grow. I have one last chance to get some good growth and I’ve selected something I haven’t tried before to get a jump on things before I try my FF Nutes.
If anyone has any input on this it would be greatly appreciated. Its going in tomorrow. @raustin

Hi trap
I have a droid and having problems sending pictures. I have someone who might be able to help me tomorrow. On another note I just ordered a grow box 36+20+62 and looking into getting a Led 1000 grow light by Recordcent. Also your thoughts on Esposa potting soil.
Thank You in advance.

Sounds like a Nice set-up, unfortunately I’m an out door grower and not familiar with that soil. Is it a Starter soil?
I would give a shout out in the Beginners Grow , plenty of help there.

LThis grow started June 12. I do not know if they are male or female. Please advise. Thank you.
I had someone send pictures but I guess they didn’t go thru.
Will have to keep on trying. The are now sixteen and nineteen inches measuring in two gallon pots. Outside numbers are twenty three and twenty six inches.
Thank You

So , anyhoo its been about two weeks since I’ve posted, Sorry.
I’ve been so busy with school and family.
Anyhow, my one last plant has been tended to approx. every 5 days and is doing well considering what shes been through.
I Am the Master of Crappy pics but, I think I’ve got some decent ones for this post.
Shes topped out at approx. 4 1/2 ft, not too bad for a Chocolope, but because of the worst timing ever I wasn’t able to top or bend her earlier. So here is some crappy pics of my Baby, shes’s doing quite well for being the “Runt” of the litter and the Last of six to survive a completely Outdoor grow, completely Organic and planted Directly in Mother Earth’s soil.

And some Knuckling

So hopefully another couple of weeks and we’ll see where she’s at !!