Another ILGM grow! Auto BB yet again, and a NL Auto for the first time

Just thought I’d drop in with the current grow.

I’m doing another auto Blue Berry, along with an Auto Northern Lights…

The problem is, I’m not sure which seed was which. lol

I’m figuring I’ll be able to tell once they are in flower.
The Blueberry has that wet sticky Blueberry smell.

I think the grow is going ok so far, hopefully you guys agree.

They are 22 days old.

Here is the first plant, it’s starting to stretch up, and increase in water drinking.

And this is the other.
It has more of a skunk smell, but is much shorter than the other, so I’m not sure what’s up with it.


Hey buddy good to see you that first plant looks beautiful the second one looks good too when I get a minute and find my glasses I’ll download those pictures and see if there’s anything up

…did or does that plant get too close to the heat or light by chance?

Thanks Paranorman. :slight_smile:
I don’t think it has been to close to heat, or the light…
I am still testing light distances though, but I think I just lowered it to the closest it’s been to see if that does anything.

The light is about 8/9 inches from the top now.

Hopefully it’s just a shorty.

Both plants until now had the same distance from the lights though, so if one was showing signs, the other should be as well I’d think…

Not necessarily…

at first glance I thought some of the jagged edges of the leaves on the shorty were curling up, that’s a sign of mild Heat stress but honestly I couldn’t tell for sure

Aside from that they both look great! Have you figured out which one smells like the blueberry yet?

@Majiktoker @garrigan62 Could you please take a look at the first picture of the short plant (4th pic down), do you see mild heat stress on the leaf edges ? Thanks

Nah, not yet.

The short plant smells more like skunk, which most of the blueberry before smelled like that, but the Northern Lights is supposed to be a shorter plant, so I think I have a few more weeks before it is more clear.

The short plant does have some leaves that kind of cup… but not sure if it is in the realm of normal though.

Shes ok just might be a tad warm thats all

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Ok, Thanks.

I’ll see if I can’t give her a little more air.

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You are wright @Paranorman heat stress. He needs to move lights up and turn on a fan and bring down that heat


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Thanks Will, appreciate it! @StonedBlind so you’ve got to get a little more distance between the top of your plants and your light, at least the small plant ( lots of people have a fan blowing on the tops of the plants

I like to have the fan blowing between the tops of the plants and the light, only lightly blowing on the plant tops)

just because they’re at the same height they can’t necessarily tolerate the same amount of heat / light

That’s not why it’s smaller but it’s not helping it either, to me the burn looked pretty mild but just glad we caught it, when you’re holding your hand at the top of the plant height to feel the heat, hold it there a good 10 - 20 seconds

I don’t use LEDs but I assume that heat is heat and you should feel it just like the hid lights when too close

…aside from that they look great my friend, keep it up and if you have any other questions just ask…!

Ok guys, dropping in with some update pics.

It seems that 2 ILGM autos in 2 gallon pots is all my 3 by 5 tent can hold. lol

These plants are growing in on each other.

It is a paine moving them in and out, because I have to fuss with them to try to give them space in the inside, but also try not to smash the brantches into the walls.

Hopefully this will equal out to a good harvest.
Both plants are 51 days old from seed.

This is the BB, no question about it now. She is already pretty sticky.
I’m having quite a few leaves dropping off though, they aren’t dry and crunchy, they feel like healthy leaves for the most part, some are kind of soggy feeling, but those are the smaller leaves.
They just drop off at the base of the stem.

I’m hoping its because of the crouding in the tent…?

This is the NL auto, she seems really wide. lol


Your ladies look great @StonedBlind good job brother

OK guys, was wondering if you guys could give me some help on deciding when to start flushing and harvesting.

This Auto BB has slowed down on drinking, and the bud seems to be rounding off.
Since I can’t look at trichomes, I was hoping you could tell me where the pistils are at?

ILGM says that when about 75% have turned, you should be good to chop.

Hopefully you can see enough from these pics?

And here are some of the auto NL.
She is still drinking the same, so I think it’s going to take a little longer than the Blueberry?

Both 56 days old.


Flushed the Blueberry yesterday

Hope I’m not doing it to soon.

Fixing to feed the NL, doesn’t seem ready to flush to me yet, but I’m not as sure.
This is the first Auto NL I’ve grown… any thoughts would be great.


Oh man hope everything turned out @StonedBlind just run across the post
I’m afraid to say but maybe @Countryboyjvd1971
OR @bob31 could help?

No worries.
Already harvested and just jarred a few days ago.

It turned out alright so far I think.
I got over 3 ounces off the Blueberry , my best yet.
The Northern Lights gave me just over 2.

So, over all, not a bad harvest.


Great man just great glad it turned out for you , now when you get it cured up could we get a quality report :sunglasses:
Have a good one

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Really nice growth @ 22 days!

Did you by anychance de foliage your bb auto cause I’m growing same strain. If you could look at my grow journal just click on my profile and go to topics and you should see it. Hope I can get 3 ounces! Congrats on your grow

No problem @Nug-bug Still tastes a little green, so burping the jars a little still, but the Northern Lights is pretty nice so far.

It’s the first time I’ve grown it.
Nice taste!

Hi @Swan1234 I’m actually blind, so I can’t actually see your pics.

But, I did nothing special to my plants.
I just try to give them room, and just let them grow.
I just put another auto BB in my tent a few minutes ago, but the only thing I plan on doing to this next grow is probably let them go a little longer now I have a little supply going.

My first BB auto only gave me about 20 grams, so it’s taken a few grows to get going.


Wow you sir are an inspiration! Happy growing! @StonedBlind

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