Another ILGM Blueberry Auto grow

I’m back doing more Blueberry autos.

One is growing a little big, and the other is not growing very fast at all… Go figure.

This girl is 27 days old from sprout.

She is really filling my box up.
Hope she starts to flower soonish, otherwise I’m not going to know what to do. lol

She looks different than the ones I’ve grown before.
I think this is the biggest so far, but it’s got a lot of stem and brantch IMO compared to my last ones…

Only thing I’ve done different is keep my light closer, which should keep it from stretching…

Maybe this isn’t stretching, it’s just a bigger plant than I’ve grown before.

I’ll post some pics of the small one some time later probably.

So, what do you guys think, is it a nice plant, or am I seeing stretching for some weird reason?

Any signs of flowering that you guys can tell?

It’s 27 days old, not sure it’s even in preflower, and usually the Blueberry autos are ready to chop after about 65 days… this one doesn’t look like it will make that timeline…


I don’t know what to tell you on that one I wish all my plants look like that that thing is awesome keep doing what you doing that’s going to be the jackpot I downloaded it it looks healthy to me it is kind of unusual it’s more like a hedge?! …a tomato maybe ? It’s super bushy! LOL it looks really good

Yeah, it kind of is hedge like. lol

It has been stretching up the last week, and doing a lot of drinking.

I had to bump my light up the last 2 days. lol

I can’t be positive, but it looks like a little sign of preflower in the next to last image.

I would offer the opinion of tying the branches open to allow more light penetration. It won’t be much longer before that option is no longer available.

It’s a good looking girl!..

Any tips on doing this?
I don’t have much room to open it I don’t think… I could try though.

Anything to help the yield. :wink:

I would just leave it

Why is that?
Is it a little late in the game to try some LST?

I’m not a fan of too much monkeying around with autos and in the case of that plant I do believe it’s to late, it’s only going to stunt it

I looked at every picture and I can’t see any flowering sites I wish I could tell you different

Edit I mean you could try it’s not flowering yet so I guess it’s not too late ?

I’m terrified of screwing it up, although it is something I’d like to try one day. lol

Maybe she’ll start to flower soon… unless she wants to give me a QP… :slight_smile:Never mind that I don’t think my box could hold a QP sized plant. lol

That’s a minor detail. haha

Its really an awesome looking plant I’d like to see a closer picture of the stem I’m wondering what you did to it so far because it’s totally different than your other plants

…right now I’m watching the Cubs kick ass in the World Series so I’m not going to make a jinx but I do want to say that every grow you’re getting better and better! - good job my friend! :thumbsup:

If you want to post some more pictures to check for flowers by all means do

The only thing I did different was start the light closer to the plants than I have been before.

Now I’m having to raise the light to keep the plant from touching it. It’s growing like a (haha you guess it!) weed.

Thank god it’s an LED so it can stay close to the top of the plant. lol

I’ll try to take pics that are closer tomorrow.


Hello there, My name is garrigan62 and I gota tell ya…I would be bragging to !

My next grow is going to be al auto’s

The reason one is bigger than the others is genetics. Your seeds most likely came from different mother’s.
@FloridaSon, you were dead on my friend. I blew up the first two pic’s and I could see prey flowering.



That’s great! …maybe that’ll be some Christmas bud or at least by New Year’s??

That’s an impressive plan sir looking forward to watching it progress :thumbsup:


I’m still headed that way in Dec.


Awesome guys!
You guys are making me feel all good and stuff. :slight_smile:

Here are pics of the smaller one.
She is 10 days from sprout, and the last seed from the first ILGM BB autos.

The bigger girl is doing so much better, its starting to block light from this one, so I’m wondering if I should consider just pulling it, and give the bigger plant the extra room…
I just hate to kill a marijuana plant. lol

This one I used more Pro Mix.
I gave it 3 scoops of Pro Mix, to 1 scoop Perlite…
Normally I use 1 scoop Pro Mix, and 1 scoop Perlite…

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Here are more pics of the older girl.
She is 28 days old from Sprout.

If you need something in the pics, I.E closer, more left, or right, just say so.

She has officially filled out my growbox.

If I move her back to keep the brantches from being crushed against the door, the back of the plant gets caught in my intake fan… but if I move it forward, it is smushed up in the door.

She also is touching both sides of the box as well…

She can only grow up, and she’s running out of room that direction as well. lol

It’s an interesting problem to have. hlol

I guess if I was going to have a problem that would be the problem I’d want. She looks great @StonedBlind.

I’m not the best at this, but in one of those pictures above I think I’m seeing flowers !

Here are todays pics.

The light is as high as it can go now.
I’d say it’s about 3/5 inches from the top of the plant now, so once that’s grown I don’t know what to do…?

By far the biggest plant I’ve grown, I just can’t wait to see bud from her. :slight_smile:

The little plant is still little.
It’s a little odd that I have the exact opposite problem this grow.
One plant is vegging and growing bigger and longer than I’d like, and the plant next to it doesn’t seem to want to grow at all. lol

Oops, works better if I add the pics.

These are my ILGM BB autos.
And yours look amazing Bud-Budd.;lmfao. But I hope mine get to look like that!

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