AN PH Perfect Questions

Hey all,

So I’ve been using Advanced Nutrients PH Perfect and not sure what to do. I’ve been follwing their recommended schedule, but diluting it alot and my PH rises like crazy for the first few days after a water change. Today i mixed nutes for week three schedule:

I have autoflower Tangarine Dreams on week 4:

I started with 12 liters filtered water at 100PPM,
Added 150PPM of calmag (8ml),
32ml of Micro,
32ml of Grow,
24ml of Bloom,
And 24ml B52

My PPM was up to 2200, this is my first grow, but from all my research that is pretty high. Not sure how to handle these nutrients. I deluted the mix down to 1100 and was going to use it, or should i just mix new nutrients?

Any advice, tips, or tricks?

I don’t use advanced nutrient but ppm seems high. Good call on dilution

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Are u ph’in ur water after adding nutes?
Ph perfect doesnt mean u dnt have to ph ur water before giving to ur plants. It just means it doesnt cause inconsistancys in ph.
I use AN nutes and always have to ph my water.

@Liljoe do you use AN PH down as well? I seem to be having to use a lot of PH down to get to 5.8 from 6.6? I was recommended the AN but still seem to have to add a lot? I just used distilled water and to get my PH to 5.8 it made my PPM like 2300?

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I dnt use the ph dwn from an, i use my local hydro shops brand and walmarts Root Farm brand. I do find root farm stronger than my hydro stores. I use less Root Farm than I did the other. Some do take more than others due to the strength.

I always PH to 5.5 running DWC bubblers.

With the PPM so high with the recommended nutrients wouldn’t that be too much? I thought the range was supposed to be 800-1200, and no higher than 2000?

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U need to cut back on your nutes for sure. U cant always go by the reccomended dose. Always start at 1/4 strength and go up from there until u are familiar with how ur plant reacts. @NewGrowN00b listed some good info to go by regarding ppm

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When did you last calibrate your PH meter?

The TDS you want at the point you are in veg is between 600 and 800 ppm. The highest concentration you will see is in mid flower and should be around 1,200 to 1,300 ppm.

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@Myfriendis410 just before running the test posted above. It’s a 15 dollar meter but I just ordered a better one yesterday.