AN and coco growers

Anyone use AN in coco and if so are you using half strength. I used full strength this time and they looked healthy just a hair of nute burn and nitrogen toxicity. But the buds dont have much smell, they smell like green, or a grassy smell on the plant its self. Week 6 of flower, i did flush down to 100 ppms and my water is 70 ppms. A little over a week later the plants are still green, anybody have the green/grassy type smell from over using nutes with AN?

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What levels were you feeding at during the grow? I use Advanced Nutrients, and I’m currently growing in coco. My plants are in early flower right now, and my input EC is between 1200 - 1300. Everything is going great.

I’m using GH Calimagic instead of AN Cal/mag extra because of the nitrogen content. It’s 1-0-0 instead of 4-0-0.

This is the feeding I mixed up for them this morning. 5 gallons of R/O water. Aside from what’s on this paper, I also give them silica three times a week, and I add 1/16 of a teaspoon of yucca to each 5 gal jug.


I was doing 60ml of bloom and grow for 5 gallons. And 30 ml for the rest. But damn they looked so healthy, im now halfing the dose on nitrogen. Gonna do 30 ml of bloom, and 15 ml of grow now for 5 gal, but yeah the green smell was so unbearable.


And also i only had a very slight mag defiency, you shouldnt really need hardly in calmag. But yeah half strength is def is seeming about right now.

I flushed this one over a week ago and its still green af, i cut off all the toppers but the buds look killer, not the pic i just took , but there frosty but god they smell like straight grass. Ive over fed with fox farm and ive never noticed a grassy smell while still on the plant. I dont even wanna trim this cause it smells so bad


And the buds was wayyyyy smaller than my soil grows. Im honestly disappinted as hell. Spent $ out the ass on these nutes just to get horrible results. I think ima contact AN, see what they have to say for there selves lmao.


Also i contacted an, they said to add the calmag after the base nutes. Figured id let ya know buddy. I thought calmag first too in r.o but not according to them


Were you measuring the EC of your feedings and the runoff? I grew in soil for years, and I only have a few coco grows under my belt but they’ve all gone really well and far outperformed my soil grows.

I think there’s got to be other explanations for what’s going on. I was fortunate that the owner of my local grow store made the suggestion for me to use the 1-0-0 calmag instead of the AN even though I’m using the Connoisseur base nutrients and a few other AN products. That probably saved me from the nitrogen toxicity issues. I won’t reverse the order I mix because my 2 most trusted sources of info are MJ Coco and the owner of my local grow store, and they both say calmag first, except for days I add silica, then that’s first.

Also, in coco it’s good to be as consistent as possible with the input EC. Fluctuations make the plants divert resources to adjust. And go up slowly when it’s time to increase strength, and no plain waterings.

pH on the other hand is better to flucuate up and down a bit between 5.7 and 6.3.

I learned pretty much everything I know about growing in coco from the coco for cannabis website. It’s an absolute wealth of information broken down in a way that’s very easy to understand and follow. I’ve done everything exactly as he says, and the results are fantastic.


Honestly im mixing full strength in a bucket and i have a one gallon pitcher and i fill half up with water so i can up the strength if need be now. So im halfing the nutes, but the feeding schedule in coco doesnt call for any calmag. I havent used any at all, i may eventually if i see a problem. By the way i noticed the conssour has more calmag in it than the sensi. So i switched to the conssour. I got the grow and bloom part a and b on ebay for like 60$! All one liter bottles! But heres my pic of my babys i got going now. The green smell has been fading now that i cut back on the nutes. Full strength was way to much.