How'd i do ? 1st time measuring run off

Hey team,
Since joining this fourm , :ok_hand:
ive learned pretty much the basics about growing thanks to all the replies that are basicly the same.

So i fed my 3 week old dosi dos og Floramax nutes ( i do like ) at EC 1.8.
To get the 1,8 EC i added more nutes And that was more than i should used.

Also after researching Floramax, i found young plants should be EC 1.4

Then 2 days later i noticed the beginning of nute lockout.

I have never flushed before so i gave it a go.

After flushing about 4 litres of ph’d water through each pot , my run off was 0.2 EC

I gave each plant about 200mls of food at EC 1.8 ( BEFORE I RESEARCHED) and let them dry out for 3 days.
Im growing in coco /perlite 70/30.

Today i fed all pots 750mls of food ph’d 5.9 ish And EC 1.6.

My run off after that was 0.2 EC and ph 6.3 ish.

Plants are looking great and growth is looking perfect.

In 1 weeks time i will put in autopot system to finish.

I feel i have nailed the lockout issue Thanks to I :heart: growing Marijuana fourm.

Any comments are appreciated and taken onboard.


I hardly ever check the runoff of coco. It can be deceiving as to what is actually going on in the media. If fact I dont water to runoff either.
I use Jacks 321 and feed every day. If I see nute burn, (Rare), then I give plain water for a doy or two. Just pH the solution going in to 5.8 and keep the ppm under 1000, I actually feed at 450 or so. I do ok



@Spiney_norman if you don’t mind me asking what kind of coco coir you using


I use Grow!t, I buy the blocks and hydrate as needed.
If you can find it local its pretty cheap. Shipping doubles the cost.

I add calmag to the water when I hydrate and let it set a day or two. Mix in some perlite and then off to the races.


Same stuff I use I like it thanks for replying


Just to be clear, you’re adding cal/mag every feeding? If so, when did you start in the life cycle and how much have you been adding to the feed?


No, Only during the hydration from a compressed block.
In my opinion, CalMag is not needed during a grow. I quit using it years ago.
There is sufficient calcium and magnesium in cannabis plant foods. If you see a problem its probably a pH issue and its being locked out from uptake.
I have used several nutrient lines. Jacks 321 is my current one. Easy, cheap and few to no problems.


Thanks for your input. I didn’t add any cal/mag during my first grow. I used TPS One throughout out the grow. With my new grow, I am using the same, but I am going to add TPS Billions every 7 days as well.


Coco is an amazing medium to grow in!! So forgiving.

You can’t overwater it, (by hand) I assume you sleep lol.

Measure your input and measure your runoff those two numbers will tell you exactly what going on in the medium. As you get more accustom to coco you will stop checking runoff and just know.

Water daily! Don’t EVER let coco dry.

Don’t let your runoff be more than 300 ppm of your input. If it is you need to either lower input or water more frequently, you will need make that decision as what’s truly need to happen.
If anything ever goes wrong with coco just water water water until it’s right. (With nutrients)
Day 45 from seed

two autos.


They are beautiful! Great job! How long have you been growing?


Thank you! Summer of 2008 was around the time I got addicted to indoor growing lol


I started my first grow Dec 1998 :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: only reason i remember is because i got my first setup for Xmas… thats back when i had to order seeds from Canada via snail mail…

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One question.
If my IN ppd is 1900 and OUT 2200, or even 2800, should I feed them again next time after 2,3 days, or should just watered them and check if ppm out is lower than 1000?


What are you growing in?


Soil plagron royalmix

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Not necessary lower than 1000 but I’d flush it looks like you have some buildup

Until out is lower than in

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I thought so. I guess I didn’t flush enough before use. Will do that tomorrow, till I get ppm 1500. Thank you again.


Sorry it’s been a crazy busy day at work, I’m not familiar with that soil but if it’s all organic inputs and no synthetic fertilizers have been added, that’s not an uncommon ppm. 4000-5000+ is pretty acceptable for organics.


Yes it’s organic, very hot soil, no need for nutrients for at least 6 weeks.
In that case flush is not necessary, I guess.
Plants are doing great otherwise.


Yes plants do look great! No flush needed. I know it gets confusing because there is so many different types of soil(medium) to use and each one needs to be treated differently.

With organics I don’t recommend watering to runoff, just good clean water with a ph of 6.5. If you’re using RO or dehumidifier water you will not need to ph. Just keep up with the feeding so they don’t run out.