Am I looking at foxtailing?

These are my ilgm gsce autos well into flower. I’ve had some environmental issues with heat and some self control issues possibly pushing too much light. 600rspec growing in hf with jacks321

I’m not seeing a problem (maybe something in the 2nd pic?).Your plant will slowly grow new pistils. These will stretch out seeking to be pollinated. They eventually “die” and are replaced with new growth. This will happen throughout the flowering process slowing down as the plant matures. Sometimes a plant will “foxtail”. The new growth stacks on top of each other producing a “tail”. This usually happens in the late stages of flower. The plant is working overtime trying to be pollinated. The next step is hermaphroditism and no one wants that.


I harvest at 8 weeks. I don’t need to worry about yield size and so I’m going with potency. If I were to see this (the above pic, not your’s) on my plant I’d be worried about dilution of the final harvest no matter how far along I was.

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Yes you are seeing foxtailing. It’s not severe. But those little issues can add up to it. Also plants need less light later in flower, if you have turned it down or raised it that can help.

Still looking pretty good overall. Nice


Yes foxtailing, on a good looking plant!


So at this point I’ve reduced light intensity and am doing the best I can with the temps. When I’m looking at trichomes for harvest window where should I be looking? I’m assuming not on parts that are foxtailing?

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If it’s foxtailing, you’ll likely have cloudy and clear. You won’t have solid white trichomes yet. Your grow may vary.