Am i doing this correctly

Trying to do training for these 2.
It looks right but Have i done correctly

The top is white widow auto flower. The other is pelijora photoperiod


Looking righteous brother! Watch the auto at the nodes in a few weeks. Theyll start to flip with alot of LST…


Looking good! No real true method to LST, just keep airflow and plenty light. Autos you can’t do a whole bunch of techniques unless you really know what you’re doing. Small recovery window. Photos you can have a field day on lol


Looks good! I can’t tell if the base of the main branches are secured down. Often, growers do that by tying the main’s base in the opposite direction of where you want lean to the plant over. Doing so helps to stabilize the plant and prevent it coming out of the soil.

Also, try to ensure that the leaves aren’t touching the soil for too long, in order to avoid any mold problems. Sometimes making a little divot in the soil where a leaf tip touches, or some such thing, is enough, and they often grow/pop up soon enough.

Great job, and it can be unsettling to start doing LST, I know it was for me. :grimacing: :grin:


Fantastic LST summary @Twelve1

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Thanks to you @merlin44 , my teacher! :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I was thinking more along the lines of “The student becomes the master”. :woman_student: @Twelve1

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Thank you, yeah leaves are off soil ( not by much) main stem on pelijora is bent back as much as i can. Seems the internides are standing tall already. The ww isnt responding as fast but guess it will catch up. Not trimming or topping that one. The pelijora i have taken 3 cuttings from already

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Ya they look good, i even plant them sideways diagonally at first when i transplant to the plants final home getting them started early

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Here they are 11 days later