Am I being paranoid again

Hey, so I’m just a bit worried because my tips are yellowing but not majorly, but I also have brown spots on my oldest fan leaves. Before I feed today, I just want to make sure my this isn’t minor nutrient burn or anything to worry about?

Looks like a calcium deficiency to me.
Or bug bites lol.
Remove leaf flip over and look with loop just to make sure it’s only a deficiency and not bugs.
Are you feeding anything?
If so what?
How old are they
What medium are they in?
Yadda yadda

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I had a calcium deficiency prior… I’ve been giving max dose of calmag ever since. It’s not bugs certain of that. It’s weird because the brown is only on the oldest fan leaves, the rest of the plant is healthy. Just the brown and slight yellow tips. You can see overall it’s healthy.
6.5 ph run off last week.
Dunno ppm
Multi total (bi weekly)
Take root

9 weeks in veg from seed

Is the problem isolated to the lower leaves?

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Literally only on the oldest fan leaves. Hasn’t spread anywhere else.
So 4 leaves in total. The ones left from the first top on the manifold

It’s normal for the lower leaves to develop blemishes and eventually fall off as the plant ages. Your plant looks healthy.

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Thank you, that’s all I wanted to make sure of before I feed her today.

Are you measuring and managing runoff pH and PPM?

Ph yes.
Ppm no
Ph run off was like 6.4/5 at last feed

Runoff PPM is a good way to calibrate feedings. It should be maintained at ~1,000, give or take.


I’ll get a gauge to measure ASAP. Cost racking up lol but it’s worth it.
Since I was flipping to flower in a week from today, you think I should just remove those leaves?

Also, its an EC pen I need to measure ppm?

Yes. EC and PPM are 2 different ways of looking at the same thing. You may also see them referred to as a TDS (total dissolved solids) meter. Apera and Bluelab both make great meters. I use an Apera PC60 that measures both pH and PPM.


If it were me…
If they are reducing airflow or are leaf on leaf pluck them
If not they are a nutrient source for other areas in the plant where mobile nutrients can be reallocated.

Some debate on calcium being mobile or not

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