Am I almost done? When should I do the final flush?

I switched the light cycle to 12/12 on September 18th (almost 7 weeks ago) but pistils didn’t show up until about a week later. When can I assume I’m 2 weeks away from harvest and can do the final flush?

Here are some pics taken yesterday

Did a watering yesterday, runoff ppm at 450 and the runoff ph at 5.3.

Looking good. In general it takes 8 - 10 weeks from the first appearance of pistils. You’ve still got lots of white pistils and so have several weeks to go yet. It’s generally a couple of weeks after the pistils have dried and receded.

I usually do a one-and-done flush about a week before harvest, though some will stop nutes and feed only water the last couple of weeks. Either method works well.


Ahhh I see, thank you sir. So those white pistils around the buds need to recede forst before flushing or before harvest?

Also when do you think it’s a good time for me to flush?

Took some more pics today during a feeding. When should I start flushing?

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Bump. plz halp

As someone that is now in the same shoes you were on your last post here in November, how’d they turn out?
What did you end up going with for determining when to flush?

They look great!

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Thanks! Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to flush out everything because the plant was wilting towards the end due to a really low soil ph, so I did an early harvest. I then ended up messing up the drying process because they dried too fast, didn’t realize how low the humidity in the room was…

the end result were buds that tasted and smelled very grassy, probably not because of the lack of flushing but because they dried too quickly…oh well, it was my first grow and ever since then I learned about garden lime which has absolutely saved my grows after that, and a humidifier was installed for better and slower drying…these buds still get me pretty high though so I’m glad I have them.

If I were to say, I will flush next time at around the 7-8 week mark or when trichomes are clear…because 9-10 weeks seems ideal for the plant to mature enough and the trichomes on the buds to turn a nice amber color…my trichomes were slightly milky clear when I harvested so I get more of a head high out of it lol…cheers mate, happy growing