Thoughts on when to flush

I am thinking she has 3-4 weeks left…she started flowering around the second week of February. Pistils are starting to brown. She’s a Blueberry Auto

Haven’t started to look at the trich’s yet as there is still a majority of white Pistils…

Looking for opinions so I know when to start the water only waterings to flush before harvest…

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You’ve got at least 3-4 weeks before even thinking about final flushing / rinse.
That girl has a long way to go yet.
She’s gonna fatten up a lot. :wink::v:

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Does it look like I’m on the final countdown to flush?

200321_075133 200321_075047

I’m thinking I should start the two week flush process around a week from now?

Just looking for opinions as this would be the first time I’ve done a final flush.

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Looks like it has packed on some weight the past 18 days since your original post.

Yours is about where mine is. I’ll give final (light) nutes on Tuesday and then I am going to start distilled water only watering and continue that for 2 weeks.

Keep in mind though that I’m growing an indica that I’m looking to help me with sleep, so I’ll let it go until I start seeing some amber among the trichomes. I have just a little bit less clear than you do on yours. I hope you find this chart helpful.


@dmykins. Sounds and looks like you’re getting to that point.
Looks good overall.
Have to keep an eye on the trics to get the right percentage for you.
Less amber. Racier more uppy high.
More amber. More relaxed sedating buzz. :+1::wink::v:
And @MidwestGuy was kind enough to put up the chart. :grin::+1::v: