All was good and then

So out of the blue a good amount of leaves are drying up. Have no clue on what’s going on. Been trimming of the burnt/dry leaves. Blue dream, fed with fox farm nutrients. Rain water for watering and RO water (with cal/mag added) when rain water is not available.

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When using the ro do you supplement your minerals? Could be needing more if not
Also yellowing leaves can indicate a deeper issue, make sure you look deep into the buds for rot I hate even mentioning it but it’s better to catch it early on if it is

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Cut all the brown slimy crap off as its Grey Mold

It’s either grey mold or verticillium. Looks almost more like verticillium, since grey mold works from the inside of buds out. Usually. Either way. Blame the weather.

Is there anything I can do to save the plant?