Blue Dream couple weeks into flower is sick, what to do?

I amended my fabric pots with a phosphorous rich soil before flower and have been feeding a liquid bloom. I’m getting bad leaf yellowing and the top half of the stalk is getting the purple red hue. Nutrient burn? lockout? I flushed yesterday and just took these photos after a 12 hour sleep, still looking bad. The runoff ph was 6.0, I couldn’t get a ppm reading, I’m waiting on a new meter to come in the mail. Can I save this thing? What steps do I need to do? Please and Thank you … I’ll be posting pics…

Pictures , insects loves this plant , check under the leaves :maple_leaf:

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the leaves aren’t being munched…

Any dots ?

here’s some pics…

Looks like cal mag deficiency and maybe a little potassium deficiency too


@BrutalMetal , add 15 ml of molasses are Epsom salt I’m not sure on how much Epsom salt , or humic acid
(Recharge ) but you won’t fix the leaf discolor in flower Sir, you just have to hope you flushed it out real good , give them a 2-3 days depending on heat temp in tent , but let it dry a bit after flushing and give them a ph feeding with what your ppm was before the bad fed , and just clip those leaves that’s bad off , you don’t need them all in flower anyways , but this far in bloom , the plant is trying flower , they only re-heal in veg make sense ?

yes thanks, yeah I was planning on doing molasses and Cal Mag on the next watering.
So about 8ml molasses for a half gallon of water?

@BrutalMetal yeah 7.5 half of 15 ml per gallon so yeah 8 is good 10 is better ! At 82 ° to get that micro life buzzing.

Don’t do both of molasses and calmag , one or the other not both .

Thanks. I Just did 10ml of molasses by itself with ph’d h20. I’ve been reading bottled synthetic nutrients aren’t good when the plants hit flower stage, burn is common it makes the soil too hot, especially since I amended the soil right before flower.
What type of watering do you recommend for the next few? Just h20?

Blue dream has purple stems when its healthy.

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@BrutalMetal , I’m not quite understanding your curiosity about bottle nutrients ?
If you adding dry supplements to your soil before you plant your seeds , it’s no need for liquid concentrates ? Yes that’s is exactly right sir, cause the N.P.K ratio is in the soil, it’s just dry and need the right ph water :droplet:and temperature :thermometer:and humidity to activate what micro life that is in the soil so the plants can uptake nutrients from , but if you add liquid concentrates of the same exact measurements that’s already in the soil will be extremely to much nutrients for any plant to grow . Many grower think they can feed the plant :potted_plant:and make it grow faster , it won’t , actually the opposite happens and them the headaches , I recommended to not used any " Grow Nutrients" until week 8 from the very first 2 leafs that sprout out .
So the very first day you see the plants above ground after planting it , 8 weeks from that date :date: “”“”"“DO NOT USED LIQUID CONCENTRATES” ‘’‘’‘’ I believe your plants will grow more healthy and strong for those first 6-8 weeks with just ph water , 5ml of Seaweed extract and 5ml of calmag per gallon that’s until after the plant spawns out 7 finger fan leaves , than top it ? Wait a week 7 days , and once the second set of 7 finger leaves grow out , I feed them ! I hope this method helps .

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Thanks yoshi, I wanna stop using bottle liquid nutes, what dry amendments do you use? At the end of your reply you say after the fan leaves grow out you feed them?
Is that by adding dry nutrients to your soil?

Agre looks like potassium, check under leaves just as precaution spider mites love BD

what’s a good potassium source I can add to the soil?

Kelp , sea weed , ash , and regular fertilizer for bloom or flower @BrutalMetal

Molasses dissolved In water at about a tablespoon per gallon mixed well

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i grew 5 blue dream in my second grow. they are nitrogen hogs. you will get yellowing of leaves but you hope to have that later in the flower not a couple of weeks in. the plant eats it’s leaves to use to build the buds. be ready for some heavy buds, i tried to prop them up with dowels but was new at it and didn’t do real well lol