All plants have blossomed, except 1, should i worry?

Hello, how are you? I would like to take a doubt that is killing me. I changed the photoperiod of my indoor cultivation for 12/12 it’s been 18 days, 3 plants have already shown the sex and are forming the buds, that in the first week of changing the photoperiod, however, one of them still doesn’t even show the sex, the seed it’s fem. However, he has not yet shown any pistils. Would you know the reason? perhaps it is a species that takes longer to show the flowers? I should have already shown them, what can I do? All plants are photoperiodic. If you need I can put some photos too. Thank you very much for your attention!

Yes, photos will be helpful. You may have a male on your hands and if so, then you will want to isolate it from your other plants.

Here’s a few pics you might find useful.



As soon as I arrive at my house, I send some photos, but I’m pretty sure that he is not male, because the seeds used are feminized, unless it is hermaphrodite. Soon I put the images

I’ve never had it happen, but I have heard rare occurrences of fem seed producing male plants.

A hermie would have both pistils and male parts.

Follow the photos. As I said, she hasn’t even shown the sex yet and I made the change to 12/12 on October 17th. Seed: Orange Sherbet

I dont see anything but linda hard in that light

Can you move it to a dark space for at least 24 hours to jump start it?

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I can relocate it to a space with 24 hours of darkness, but does this method really work? I even looked on the subject of leaving 24 hours before changing the lights to 12/12, however, I didn’t find anything concrete, so I haven’t done it yet, but I’ll try. Thanks

What do you have to loose? Can’t hurt it.