All my marijuana plants are hermaphrodites

I have an indoor marijuana garden and am using clones from some outdoor plants. None of those outdoor plants exhibited any kind of hermaphroditism, but most of my indoor marijuana plants are hermaphrodites. What can I do? Nearly all females have at least a few small bulbs, which will certainly turn into male flowers. I have taken those off the plant. Will they reappear? The marijuana seeds come from a place in southern Italy. In vegetative growth, I used a 15-10-15 fertilizer, but now I use a 5-20-30. I’m using a dark, humus compost for these plants.

Apparently, the variety of marijuana that you have is not accustomed to indoor growing and that stress is producing hermaphroditism.

Although it’s difficult to produce a solid sinsemilla crop from hermaphroditic marijuana plants, it can still be done. You should check the plant every day to look for male flowers. They should be extracted from the plant prior to opening. Since marijuana is pollinated by the wind, even an infinitesimal draft could carry the pollen from a single male flower and ruin most of the crop.

Any plants that don’t produce male flowers at all should be taken as clone mothers for the crop of indoor plants. Although the plants are in flowering stage, they can still be cut. Place them under continuous light so that they will revert back to the vegetative stage.

Marijuana plants that have produced these seeds come from other plants that have expressed themselves only as females outside. Thus, there are zero males and these seeds would produce a crop of fully female (non-hermaphroditic) outdoor plants.


It would be nice to know beforehand exactly which strains are notoriously hermaphrodite, without being stressed in any way, before you sell us the seeds. Imagine putting thousands of dollars into your grow facility making everything perfect for some ultimate grows then finding out later that the seeds you bought were hermaphrodite. Then you will be told by the sellers it is your growing conditions that may have caused this. When you finally realize that the people who sold you the seeds knew about this hermaphrodite strain all along, you feel ripped off, and like me, will never buy seeds from a distributor like this ever again.