AK47 week 8 vegetation

My very 1st grow (AK47 indoors)
Week 8 of vegetation
After LOTS of reading & watching videos, I have 2 plants. My #1 plant is 21.5" tall #2 is 16" tall. #2 had a helmet head that I was scared to take off. I thought nature would correct it but it didn’t. I did take the helmet off but not right away & it did get stunted. My question is will it catch up? Is it time for me to change my light schedule from 18/6 to 12/12? I’m not sure how many weeks I’m supposed to let it vegetate. Is it by the week or by the size?
AK47 Feminized
Soil FF
Water- Distilled so far
Nutrients- Grow Big & Big Bloom (so far I’ve only used 1/2 dosage)
Any advice would be GREATLY appreciated!
Thank you!


With photoperiod you flip when you are ready.

If space is limited flipping earlier is better then later. If you have the space and like to grow big plants and aren’t pressing for a quick harvest, then by all means wait.

Elevating the smaller plant 5 inches will keep the canopy even. The plant may never catch up in size but will provide a perfectly fine harvest.


I harvested three AK-47s in December.
They vegged for 74 days and I flipped them on 10/14
#1 was 11", #2 - 12" and #3 was 8". They received heavy amounts of LST to keep them as flat as possible. This #3 on 10/12 taken while I was trimming them up preparing to flip in two days.

Just to show some of the LST

This is #3 again near harvest on 12/26 on day 73 of 12/12. I bent a stem in the back. I was afraid it was going to stretch more than the others. She ended up at 23" - quite an increase from 8"

Numbers 1 and 2 ended up both at 21". They almost doubled in size.
To even out the canopy and the height between the two plants you can super crop the tallest stems. Pick a horizontal line and bend every stem at that line. Give them a couple days to recover and flip to 12/12. The plants look great. The buds on my AKs were dense and solid. you should enjoy the same.
Good luck


Excellent advise and pics to go with it from @beardless .

Wanted to suggest you do some type of training to open her up and give space for the buds. You’re really packed in there. Need air flow and light penetration.

Continued success. Plants look great.

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