Bass Assassin’s Grow Journal - AK-47 autoflower

Well, the day I’ve been waiting for is finally here! I’ve been waiting days (feels like weeks) to see these little girls pop out of the soil. And so it begins. My fall/winter grow of a new strain for me.


Strain: AK-47 Autoflower x2
Lights: 600w LED panel
Tent: 32x32x63 opulent systems
Filter and fan: Vivosun 4in combo
Medium: Fox Farm Happy Frog till transplant then Fox Farm Ocean Forest.
Food: Flower Power and Spring Water pH’d to 6.5-6.8 (I use Root Farm pH up and down).
Light Cycle: 18x6 for veg


Looks like a good start, haven’t grown Ak so I don’t have any tips but enjoy.


I grew 2 this year. Outside, in bags, 420 soil. Harvested in 10 wks Did not produce alot, about 1.5 oz dry flower,

but grew nice and healthy. They are curing right now.


They look great!

Thanks. Autos are fun. I going to try some different stains next spring. Gonna try to do early summer harvest and a late one.

6 days since sprouting. They are looking good. I spied a gnat in the tent yesterday so when I get off work in the morning I’ll be applying Diatomaceous earth to the soil.

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My aks have been strong ladies.
Here’s my biggest.

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So beautiful. I can’t wait to be there!!!

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I can’t wait for her buds to fatten up some more. Lol. But it’s startingto get crystaly all over. You’ll get there. That biggest one has gone through hell and shes doing great.

Today is the scariest day of all for me. I transplanted my girls into their forever pots. They are only a week old and the root balls were already out to the edges of the solo cups!

As you can see in the pics, one of the plants has some curl-under to the leaves. I am not entirely sure why. The sister plant is the exact same strain and has been growing under the same conditions but her leaves are nice and flat and much wider.

They were started in FF Happy Frog and are now surrounded by FFOF. Praying they don’t get burnt up by the hot soil.


im sure you will be in good shape… all seems well with them… just be sure not to over water…

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My girls have a definite size difference. Plant #2 is a dwarf. She also has some burnt tips on her first set of leaves. They were planted and sprouted at the same time.


nothen to be worried about with the size variations. diff phenoms and strains will grow quite differently even if they come from the same seedpack…


i have never grown AK47 over all these years but maybe its time to take a crack at some… ill be keeping an eye on yours to see how they come out… good luck with everything moving forward…

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Their really strong and resilient.
Looks good, great job!

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Thank you so much. This is my first time with this strain and I’m pretty excited!


always fun to try new strains and you look to be in good shape with everything… great job and happy growin…

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Plant A looks so good! I’ll be doing some LST this week on her. Plant B looks like she’s dying. Idk what the issue is unless it’s just bad genetics. I’ll probably see how she does this week and then start over if it’s no better.

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i would run some water through the small one to flush it a bit and see what happens… hard to tell from the blurple light pic but it kinda looks like it might be getting cooked a bit in that soil…

I think you are right. My healthy plant has a few brown tips today too. I’m trying to not be too upset and figure out how to fix it. Will flushing tone down the soil?