Ak47 short bushy and white hair already out?

Hi guys first time grower here…did a few bag seed but never quality seeds or even a autoflower. .I have a ak47 autoflower that i was hoping to lst but the plant is so bushy and short.with tons of side growth that can be turn to tops once I LST it but I am afraid the plant is too short to lst. Also the main St stem is pretty thick
Plant is about 2 weeks old about 5 inches tall with white hairs developing. Is this normal for a ak47 autoflower at such a young age?..oh by the way I am running a few Cfl plus a 300w mars hydro
My cfls is currently pushing 361 true Watts equivalent to 1750 Watts and the mars hydro. 300 Watts is pulling 140 Watts from the wall a total equivalent of 2050 Watts but we all know how that goes

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a couple of plant pictures would really help with this

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Looks good to me. If you want it taller raise up lights or reduce amount to make it stretch to the light. I LST mine right on the dirt

I can post a pic if you want to see

its looking good,…showing signs of pre flower… autos flower around four weeks or so,…so it looks like she is right on schedule

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Sweet yeah let me see some pics…thanks for the tip…I did had my mars hydro about 11 to 12 inches away and the cfls about 4 inches away…I raise the mars hydro to 18" and the cfls to 6" to 9" away

This is an auto ak49 and an auto northern lights both were flat on the ground

This is Red Leicester photoperiod
As you can see they grow and sometimes they grow bigger than expected. The nla should grow to 3 feet, but she’s 4 feet now. Keep playing with dirt and ask questions. Everyone here is awesome