AK-47 Auto day 59, 8 wk 3 days

Not entirely sure if this is the right forum for my question however, I have noticed over the last few days the petioles and leaf margins (edges) have begun to purple. Ive read where this is either exposure to cold temps or a phosphorus deficiency.
Additionally some of the lower leaves are turning odd colors.

Hopefully you guys can help me out.
Growing in 5 gallon fabric pot.
Ocean Forest Fox Farms with 15% perlite added (not miracle grow).
Only nutrients are BPN seaweed extract, molasses, Dr. Earth Organic Gold premium all purple 4-4-4 dry amendment, and Dr. Earth Organic Flower Girl bloom booster.

This is an organic first grow.

Water is usually 160-170ppm TDS watering at 6.5 mostly, but also 6.2, and 6.8 on occasion before molasses or BPN. After its usually around 550ppm.

Daytime temps are averaging 77F, with fluctuations between 73-81F.
Nighttime is usually between 68-70F.
RH during flower has been consistently 35-45%.

Here are some images:

Any additional information can be provided.
This is my first grow so I may just be panicking.

This is day 59 from breaking soil.
No orange pistoles yet, and buds are still growing, getting more frosty this week.

Too much of something. Since you have watched the PH…too much nutes.
Did this start about 4+ days after you added nutes? Backtrack to what changed lately.

At this point, do something to dilute the nutes and save the plants.

It’s a learning process.

Your PPM is too low for a plant at this stage of flower. You should be up to 1000 PPM, she’s hungry.

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Ive only top dressed with dry amendments.
On October 30th I top dressed with 5 TBS of All purpose, and 5 TBS of flower girl.
Nothing really like this until the last 5 days.

As far as watering goes over the last week, since the 11th this is what Ive done:

11th - Adjusted light, LST, removed a couple of big fan leaves
12th - Watered with 2 gallons pH 6.5 and 2 TBS molasses, turned plant 1/4 turn. Temp was 77, RH was 45%
13th - turned plant 1/4 turn.
14th - Watered with pH 6.8 2 gallons, 2 TBS molasses.
15th - turned 1/4 turn.
16th - turned 1/4 turn, watered with pH 6.8, 2 gallons, 2 TBS molasses.
17th - turned plant
18th - turned plant, no water needed yet.
19th - watered with 2 gallons 6.2pH, top dressed with 4 TBS flower girl
today - watered with 1 gallon 6.5 pH.

Yesterday I top dressed with the flower girl again because I thought she had a phosphorus deficiency from the purpling of the petioles, and leaf edges.

the water now is 77ppm I am using.

I diluted it with RODI water this week but have only watered twice with it.

usually the TDS is 160-170 before adding molasses.

please keep in mind this is an organic grow, and I am not using synthetic nutrients in my water

Ive come back from vacation for a few days and found my plant looking like this:
More reddening/purpling of the leaves, and lots of yellowing leaves with brown clustered spots concentrated at their centers.

Manganese deficiency?

@raustin what exactly are we monitoring with our ppm meter. I know its parts per million. But have no idea what we’re checking.

Total dissolved solids are usually measured in ppm. This is a measure of the total amount of solids, nutrients if you will, in the water being tested, not a specific nutrient in particular but rather a measure of the “hardness” of water itself.

Ahh did not know that. Damn 5:20AM CST in the
Midwest USA and I’m learning. Thx @420hCan

As @42OhCan said, we’re measuring the dissolved solids in the water. So when we collect our runoff water from the pot we know how much nutrient is in the soil for the plant to eat.

Have you fed recently and whats the ppm & pH of the runoff?

This started about monday this week. Monday I watered with 6.5pH ~45ppm, with no nutrients added, or molasses. Tuesday is when the initial reddening and purpling was seen, practically overnight.
Now this is of Saturday…
I believe that I accidentally induced a flush too early.

Today, I have put together a fertilizer tea that is currently brewing.
2 Gallons, 125ppm(before any nutrients were added), 2 cups flower girl by Dr. Earth, 15ml BPN seaweed extract, and 2 TBS molasses.

Do you measure the runoff? The pH and ppms of it are an indicator of whether there is too little nutrients or too much; and if the pH is going to allow your plant roots to eat.

I do, the last time I did though was over a week ago.
Also, the last time I did, I wanted with 6.5, and the runoff was 6.6.

If you are in soil, 6.6 is great if you are putting in 6.5. No issues there.

How about the ppms?

Sorry, one other question, why did you flush and when?

Up until a week ago, and a few days before I changed that I was watering with 500-600ppm TDS each watering with 2 gallons and wasn’t noticing any major issues.
I was attempting to go with Biobizz feeding schedule in relation to when molasses is used. This stopped, and 24 hrs later symptoms appeared.
I used 6.2pH water and 70ppm TDS on Monday I believe, and Tuesday the reddening and purpling began.
I then went on thanksgiving vacation, and three days later returned to the images shown above.

I have put together the tea to water with tomorrow morning.

Anyone have any suggestions? This is progressing fast.

You’ve got calcium and magnesium deficiencies. What’s your Ph? If it’s good then you just need to feed some Cal Mag.

pH going in is 6.5, pH coming out of the runoff is 6.6
TDS yesterday going in was 1220ppm from the tea, and the runoff was 3480ppm which is concerning.
Not sure what to do here…

BTW, that was the first time I have used a tea. This plant has only gotten pH corrected water with BPN seaweed extract and molasses prior to this.