Air cooled hood setup..need help

Alright so I am new to this obviously and have so many questions, any criticism good or bad I can handle just looking for the best for what I have …

So I have about a 4x4 space I recently ordered

And I can’t seem to wrap my head around how you set up the air cooled light and the fan… would I do the carbon filter/duct/hood/duct/fan???
I’m so confused

@Hellraiser Here ya go.


You can connect the filter to the hood, run the flexible duct off the other side of the hood, out of the tent where you’ll have fan located. Connect to the fan and then blow the filtered warm air where ever you need it to go.

Or this…

Okay and that cools the light only ? Or does it help with temp also?

If the filter is at the top of the tent, it will help with temperature control too.


Hell yeah! Thank you for the help !

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Using fig 4 would I need an inlet fan to help with cooling, co2 and negative pressure?

Putting the filter before the light help keep dust, dirt, and dead bugs out of the light.


Passive intake is just fine. I just have a bottom
Flap open. I’m working on a little project I’ll finish up next weekend for my idea of a cheap way to filter the intake air. I’ll tag you in it.

You want a little bit of negative pressure toward the end of flower to ensure no scent leaks out.


The example @NeoGroR put up is most common. The semi loops in duct there to give some flexibility in raising and lowering fixture without moving fan and filter. I also agree that a decent sized passive intake will be plenty good in most situations.

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Here is a drawing of how I do my HID tents.

A few notes:
You should not need an intake fan. I have them as a “just in case.”
400 watts will suffice, but isn’t optimal for a 4x4 tent. 600 watts would be better.
Use one of the bottom openings for your intake port. You can put a few feet of flexible ducting into the port, but curl it around or make it into an “S” shape so that light doesn’t enter the tent.
Make sure the intake port is on the opposite side of the tent from where your carbon filter is mounted, as this where your exhaust starts. This will promote airflow across your plants.


I don’t have a tent it’s a closet space that’s 44” x 25” I’m not sure depth I’m also growing 1 to 2 plants just to see how the whole thing works then upgrade to tent/more watts/etc… when I learn the ropes I’ll have pics up soon I’m at the hospital now my girlfriend is having our baby !!!

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Oh - I saw 4x4 space mentioned somewhere at the beginning. You essentially have a 2x4 space, and 400 watts of HID will work great for that.
What are you doing for inlet venting in your closet?

Yes 2 x 4 is more like it, it’s mainly just that 2 x 4 space and I bough cabinet hinges and a light piece of wood and made a make shift door for now I just have a little oscillating fan for now so I have no intake/exhaust yet…(coming in the mail) but

here’s what I’m looking at now I know one pot per plant but I saw in a book something about 3 plants to a pot so I tried 2 anyways we will see but the seeds are pineapple upside down cake I actually found in a batch I got from Trulieve…

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These are running on 2 cfls that are the 23watt/5000k and 2 grow lights I found at target that are something par38(all bowl reflectors)and has a light spectrum from 400-700 but they suck so that may be why they are so small? And also why I ordered the new equipment. I planted these on 6/11 after I put the seeds in a wet paper towel for a couple days, so They sprouted 6/13.

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Also How hard would it be to transplant these since they are so close together?

If you do it now (and you need to) it probably won’t be a problem. If they get any bigger, their roots will intertwine. You only want one plant per pot.

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Also, your plants look great for only being 7 days old. The CFL lights you are using are perfect for the seedling stage.