Air conditioners

Has anyone ran a air conditioner for a grow room that the exhaust can not be vented, had to move indoors because i get 120 plus inches of rain and moved into a 5x5 grow room but it gets 100+ degrees an
D yes I will need to address but have a dehumidifier, tent in garage as the only space I have, thinking about building a room in garage for tent , put a small 250 sq ft unit in tent with exhaust hose thru tent but it sucks walls in and dehumidifier runs full time trying to keep up with all the outside air being sucked into tent, RH on average is around 75-80 percent

The exhaust puts out more heat than the AC produces cool air. You will effectively be heating the room even more.


Sounds like ideal situation here would be to run a ductless unit in garage. Your conditioned air in garage would be makeup air for tent. That would help with heat and rh, but you may run into issues with co2 levels without any fresh air exchange.


Yes I am aware of that, I have already received a tub that grows mushrooms that take in O2 and expelled CO2 and looking at a bottle and regulator system but only if I can get this heat and humidity under control, can’t find a mini mini-split system

I got a little 910w 9000btu portable AC unit that I have cooling my space (1220w of dehumidification and 1250w of led lights) for a 5x5 area that would be almost to powerful lol….but The trick is using high-quality insulated ducting to handle the exhaust if you don’t use insulated you will be dumping more heat into that room then that thing is capable of dealing with that’s something a lot of people skimp out on his ductwork you need insulated ducting these things put out a retarded amount of heat make sure the exhaust is going outside