Afghan 4 weeks into flower. ILGM seeds. All FF soil and nutrients went to seed. 100's of little white seeds


Very nice, I love the Afghan genetics!


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Looking good, keep up the great work!

Sorry confused this with another poster

@Dmft420 thanks for all the love

Just read your Afghan grow, awesome pics and info!
I’m about to harvest next Monday or Tuesday and am looking for my next strain. Any suggestions? I’m a outdoor grower, one plant at a time for now. I will be using fox farm of/hf again with 30%added perlite. I was happy with this mix for this grow and will use it again. I’m buying the fox farm dirty dozen this week and will be doing my first grow ever with nutrients. So I need a forgiving Strain. I have done some reading and am fairly confident in my skill level thus far so I’m not really worried.

What is the climate in your area @Dmft420 ? I am doing Gold Leaf but that Chronic Widow porn from a couple of weeks ago was so tasty I’m gonna have to try it.


Florida central east coast. I will have 80 degree or higher till December

I don’t think there is a bad strain to choose from in your area shouldn’t have any problems growing any of Roberts genetics the chronic with those killer super skunks great sour diesel’s gold leaf can’t go wrong with any :wink:


Great! I will look into it. Thanks.