Aeroponic Garden

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks.

I’d appreciate your opinion of an automated hydroponic system I’m thinking of buying: Premium High Yield Aeroponic Garden

I’m planning to use it with your Complete Marijuana Seed & Grow Set (Beginners).

Definitely this is @Donaldj category. Just wait for him to answer :wink:

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Awesome, thanks! This is the setup…

For better graphics and full description, check out:


I checked with 123wegrow and the lights provide 35w.

This is the explanation from the manufacturer’s site…

"Grow the most amazing cannabis, vegetables, flowers and herbs with our self-contained, hydroponic garden system featuring new ultra-bright full-spectrum LED grow lights.

With the WeGrow 601C you can grow up to 3 ounces of cannabis every 11 weeks – all hydroponically. No soil, no mess, no fuss – set it and forget it.

Smart control panel settings allow for starting plants from either clones or seeds.

• Aeroponic, soil-free, indoor garden grows plants 5 times faster than soil.
• The high performance, full spectrum LED grow lights are adjustable to almost 2 feet in heigh
• Smart control panel allows user to manage settings for dual pumps and multiple LED light cycles
• Sprays water with nutrients 360 degrees directly into the root system, its fully automatic. (Set it and forget it)
• Grow “herbs”, fruits, vegetables, flowers and more… let your imagination grow wild.
• Efficient indoor growing utilizing “Aeroponic” technology. Grows 6 large plants in reusable 3″ pods.
• Comes with clay pellets and vermiculite for starting seeds
• Also includes additional air pump and air stone for stimulation & airiation of large root base
• Simplifies organic growing (You decide what seeds and nutrients to use)
• No pesticides or insecticides needed
• Tested and guaranteed (CSA, ROHS and FCC) certified.
• Patents Pending"


You need to delete that link, :thinking: … Some links are not allow… Maybe you find it on Amazon and put that link… Thx :+1:

Thanks for letting me know. I’ve changed it to Amazon’s link.

BTW, is this not-active “link” OK? It has much better graphics, etc. than Amazon…


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I think may work…nice system by the way :+1: but I think that may not be suitable for growing mj…

Thanks! I appreciate being able to get opinions here. I added the description from the manufacturer’s sales page to my post with the Amazon link.

That is a big fat :lying_face: :joy: 5x speed up nature.
In rest is amazing if that is true :+1:
Also you need to know the real power of that light she have… You need 35-50w per square foot.

Thanks, I greatly appreciate your input. I’ll check with them and ask if the LEDs provide 35-50w per square foot.

I’m planning on using the Sea Of Green method. Will see how it goes.

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Good news… I just heard back from 123wegrow and the lights provide 35w.
(I wasn’t able to reply to M4ur’s post below because this is my first day as a member. So I added the work-around here.)

Here’s a work-around that adds another 15w…

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That will not be enough… Let’s say your plant will be 1.5 square feet so you will need more …

Good for seedlings not much else not enough root space or light to grow much more than herbs


herbs like thyme and rosemary that is.

Even for a tiny 1.5 square foot grow chamber you would need 75 real watts of lights. And if those are CFL or HID lamps, you need a good reflector so all of the light goes down at the plant. I think Amazon has some LED panels that draw about 75 watts from the wall.

For example ACKE 300 LED Grow Light for $89.

I wrote to the company about the 24 inch growing space and got this reply…

"I have grown it many times with the G601C. For best results start with clones using rock wool as the medium. Set the machine to “clone” until the plants have taken root. Watch the PH and feed the clones with a good starter fertilizer. After the plants have taken root change the setting on the machine to grow. Trim, fertilize and prune the plants weekly. Keep the light 6 inches above the tallest plant.
When the plants are about 18 inches tall change the setting to bud. The plants will flower. Continue to prune, fertilize and move the branches to insure they are getting the best light. Any SOG strain will work well.

Don’t get frustrated you will get better with every new grow cycle. The machine works well you just need to work with it."

Any thoughts?

Thanks for the tip! It’s now selling on Amazon for $69.99…

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Just bought A aurogarden do the stay in there or have to be transplanted