Aerogarden grow journal for one White Widow

Week 4 update

I had to weigh down some of the limbs in order to let more light into the middle, I didn’t want to prune the fan leaves off. It’s greening up really well and I’m seeing more and more white hairs.


That’s a wonderful sight bro
I’m guess that water dump on that areo garden is packed full of roots woohoo

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I had to weigh down the top because they’re pushing the lid up! I’m so please with this but I’m thinking I’m only going to use it for seedlings after this. This is a stunning plant but the light and water reserve limitations are stunting it’s full potential. Still, this was an experiment and it can be done if anyone wants to do it.

I was thinking about.using mine
For clones once the plants in it finish

Week 6 of flower, Aerogarden update

Lots of white hairs all over the place and buds are starting to thicken up. It’s drinking water like crazy and gets really happy after nutes, I’m pretty impressed with this girl! So, how much longer will this be in flower before it’s time to harvest? No amber hairs yet but I have no idea how much longer it could be.


Looks like you still have a little bit to go bro to me nice job so far

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These are mine from aerogarden also week 6


real nice looking buds!

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1st go at this, just hoping they smoked good. Either way not bad for bag seeds.

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FROSTY!!! Yummmmm…

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Week 7 Aerogarden update

The girls are looking really good but I think they’re flowering a bit slow because I don’t have enough light in there. Lesson learned. However, I’m getting thick and sticky buds that are looking nicely frosty!


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Yesterday I harvested my beauty! Not a huge harvest but I’m a real lightweight so I don’t need much to be happy. I’d been checking the tricomes daily after the last couple weeks and yesterday, when I checked, I found 80% cloudy and 20% amber. Even though all of the hairs weren’t amber, the tricomes said they were ready. I haven’t had a tester from it but I can’;t wait until she’s done I deem this a successful for a first grow! Pictures will come shortly!!!

Lessons learned from Aerogarden planting:

  1. It’s amazing for starting new seeds, I haven’t tried clones but it seems to be a good way to start them also.
  2. The roots will overtake and clog the pump system
  3. Light must be supplemented, the LED that comes with it great for regular plants but not for nice buds.
  4. I probably won’t use it to grow a plant to adulthood but will definitely use it for starters.

Nice, mine are still a bit away. Ran into similar issue mainly the tank being to small

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@MBgrower here is one that I found if you put the name of the lamp in the search bar there are a few that come up hope this helped

first time grower … 19 days into planting Gorilla Glue in my Aerogardan … i think it’s looking good but am a bit confused. Since it’s indica it shouldn’t outgrow the limited space that the aerogarden light provides (approx. 24"). Should I transplant to soil or just let it do its thing? Attaching a picture. TIA

Im starting my first one. Other than reading and lots of research, I know absolutely nada! Did make my aerator system. Family plot on you tube shows how to put one together. It’s working great for me but i think i killed my seeds before i got them where they belong!!! I germinated too long. I done everything else by the book.

I didn’t have great luck after mine got bigger that what your pic shows. I use my Aerogarden to start all of my seeds now but I transplant around three to four weeks, six tops. I found that the one time I grew a full term WW in the Aerogarden, it didn’t have enough light so I had popcorn buds. The light deck isn’t nearly high enough. The only type I would consider to plant again for full term, would be a short auto…it’s just not big enough for a standard plant. Unless you put it in a small grow room for extra lighting. Good luck!

That’s my exact point - i’m just afraid of transplant shock. i tried it once with a WW and it shriveled up and died almost immediately. I have a nice grow going here and i don’t want to fuck it
up … WW is sativa so all it wants to do is grow taller. This is an indica strain so it’s supposed to grow bushier (according to the grow guide). That’s my dilemma …

@super_newby did you have the AeroGarden lights on while germinating the seed? Reason I ask cause I’m going to use an AeroGarden for my first grow, but I was going to remove the light and use another one and just use the tank to feed it.