Advice on dry trimming

Quick question. Stems are snap able and I ran a test in a jar over night and hydro says 59RH. At this point I’m supposed to cut off flowers from stems and place in jars correct? My question is am I dry trimming now or after they cure? Thanks in advance.

Not really any point in curing what you’re going to trim, unless you just want to slow down the curing process a little more.

Do you plan to use your trim? If so, how?

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First grow and first harvest so I’m trying to not screw this up at this point. So my method was cut plant and cut away leaves with stems or the ones with little thc. I left the sugar leaves. It’s been 7 days, the stems snap, a flower registers 59 RH in jar after 24hrs. At this point i’m removing from dry tent and snipping flowers in to jars correct? So back to the sugar leaves. They are crispy and curled back like they should be. Do I trim these leaves down to be flush with the flower walls or leave them on during jar cure for 14 process. At some point I dry trim the sugar leaves flush to flower circumference right?

I trim mine as soon as they get done drying. Any trim I’m saving gets frozen, then the buds go into cure jars. No need to cure the sugar leaves if you don’t plan to smoke them.

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If the stems are snapping and you have not trimmed it’s considered “dry trimming”

Just trim off all the sugar leaves, remove buds from stem, and place into jar for curing.