Advice needed for lighting height and settings please

Ok so I have new grow starting no seeds popped yet which is normal as they were dropped in soil late Sunday. Sorry about 2nd thread but have been reading others and would like to address lighting, I really want to avoid stretching from the beginning, my lights are definitely overkill for my 4x8tent, they are both the hlg 600r specs, my questions are

  1. I have the light app and I have lights adjusted the best I could to achieve what chart suggests for 1st week which is 12 dli. My height is approximately 31” which is the lowest I can drop them at the lowest dimmer setting to achieve the 12-17 dli I have spread across all plants.

  2. As long as I have the dli at the top of my planters, does it make a difference how high the lights are?

Any help before they pop would be much appreciated, this was a huge mistake I made with last grow and have definitely learned the hard way​:joy::joy: I know I won’t cook them again but definitely want to make sure I give them enough light as well? I know there are other light settings on app but I think the senses was to use the dli??

Thanks again! This is fun and sometimes stressful lol


Good morning @Mjm697 the stress factor will get better as you get a couple grows under your belt. One thing I learned is Don’t micro manage. You will do great :+1::blush::v:


I have been using my led for everything but i was cooking them trying to do different stages, I now have low budget grow lights for my seedlings only to get their tap root established. I run it 24/7 they all seem to like it the clippings are just in water and they like the low wattage also.


I start out at 16" at 107 watts ang go from there. The DLI thing screws me up.

In the context that you’re asking, not really. These plants won’t be small for long and once they get legs will start growing vertically and closing the gap to your lights. But, you want to run your light at a height that gives you the coverage you need without unnecessarily bouncing off your tent walls. Your tent walls are reflective, but not 100% reflective. So the better you can keep light going directly to your canopy the more efficient your grow will be.


Lol thank you, but if I put my lights 16” from my plants, the soil would boil :joy: and I have no idea how I would control wattage? I had pretty good luck with the end of my last grow using dli as a reference, so I’m gonna stick with it for now anyway. But thanks for your help I really appreciate you. :v:


Makes sense, and now that I think about it, I can’t lower anyone than the 31” I’m already at with dimmers already on lowest settings or I’ll cook them for sure, I’ll just keep monitoring them raising lights/upping dimmers as needed. Thank you


I have placed saw horses and boxes to keep everyone at the same height or what is suggested. My 650R runs at 60 percent limited on height
The 330x is at 75percent trying to make a better playing field.


Sorry, accidently posted my pics seperately, i have a 4x8 tent, 2 spiderfarmer 4000’s and this year im using a light meter to try and dial in the density of my buds. For seedling’s im running the lights @ 10,000 lux with plast humidity domes and the lights are @ 30", but i adjusted my light hieght and dimmer together to get the light meter #, you are also figuring your DLI, which is an accumulative measurement wouldn’t you want to know your light intenstity measurement to prevent burning, thats what im doing but i’m no pro. Maybe someone else can chime in and offer more detailed advice, good luck and good growing!


The appI’m useing tells me my dli. Seams to be what you’re doing? Interesting thanks


It just easier to go lowes and get a T5 seedling starter lamp just my thoughts

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My Hlg 320 doesnt have the click dimmer I’m able to control the power watt by watt. I guess im old school.

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